ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

More than 90% of the world's people are religious. 98% of the people believe in one non-material being. An insignificant minority of scientists obviously means to be the avenger of Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) and Galileo Galilee (1564-1642) when they set the accident instead of the Creator - instead of Allah. The accident comes from chaos, thus, from the Satan. This is just a change of the fronts, it is not more science!

In the assumption, there would be an agreement of the religions in future, I often talk about the Creator and about the Creation. I was growing up in the Christian marked culture of Germany. Already as a child, I was filled with enthusiasm about the Orient. In the meantime, I have understood. Who was really able to create the universe must be much bigger as it. A religion permanently says this: Allah is great! So God is great! But everybody has his own God. Where does this way lead us in the end?

Universe only is in function, because "seeds" are running and leading on the universal programs. These "seeds" I called protocosms. Just from dust really nothing is forming themselves. Who believes into such ideas as the theory of planetismals also seems to believe into flat Earth and that it is the center of the world.

To the Structure of the Universe (a briefly explanation)

The briefly Version of the Preaching of Arcus

Answer to an E-Mail

Much more important than the complex law of the oscillating universe is this law of nature, which was not recognized till now by the people of this world: The PACKING LAW of Nature! I found it. I created the protocosms as a hypothesis, consequently, which soon will be proved.

The Preaching

1.      The universe is a spherical program. It oscillates like a watch. Each step of the pendulum gives the time sections. This way, the time is coming just going straight, because the program of the space is bound to the time directly (wavelength λ is coupled with time period τ). If sometimes any person could ever make a movement exactly back on the same way on the same line, than he could turn around the time (I can't believe it 'cause it's impossible to take the absolute same way back). All the particles of the cosmos are microcosms. They also are watches - in physics, it means: they are oscillators. Spherical oscillators are comparable with pulsating bubbles. Like a balloon puffing up and draining off, but during a determined clock using light velocity. Therefore this speed is the limit and the reference speed of the oscillating matter. Because the universe
program does not come from points but from spaces, you never can explain a destiny from point-like reactions. Some small actions do not change anything at the global program!

2.      When such a programmed system exists, then the logical consequence is clear: THERE MUST BE A CREATOR who has made it, but a chief programmer at least among his helpers. My theory proves this conclusion, because it shows the programming of the universe. But it cannot give an experimental proof of the existence of a Creator. Such a feature of proofs, nobody is able to give. Allah`s world is no matter like ours. 

3.      Our matter consists of the manifestations of the "substance" (of the mass and the charge) and the energy. 

4.      The real original Substance of God is the precondition of both, of our feature of "substance" and of the ghost of the living beings - of their soul. It is the only real Substance, which we do not know and which we cannot prove experimentally. But, if it wasn't there, neither the world nor its information volume - its soul - were here. 

5.      You can imagine if using a comparison: everybody knows the whipped cream. It consists of the bubbles and the cream. The bubbles only can exist, because there is cream as condition. If any world would be built from whipped cream, then the beings perhaps could recognize that they are a structure of bubbles of determined dimensions of time and way (the bubble’s movements). But they didn't know from what material the bubbles were really made. Just this is our situation. All of our experiments and measurements are based on the physical magnitudes, which only are derived back to the dimensions of way and time. We do not know the magnitude of that Substance at all! Our complete concepts of so-called "substances" consist of way and time relationships.  

6.      Using its oscillation nature, the matter causes such a feature of processes, which are related to themselves. Every movement leads to circular sequences. In this respect, the matter cannot be created or destroyed by its citizens. Conservation laws are valid as there are for example: energy conservation, baryon conservation, lepton conservation. They tell us: the energy cannot be made from nothing, and it cannot be lost into nothing. Protons cannot be made from nothing or destroyed. Electrons cannot be made from nothing or destroyed into nothing. Stable elementary corpuscles cannot be made or destroyed. Unstable particles turn back to stable states. 

7.      The soul is free, but the matter is fixed to itself, because it is locked by circular processes of oscillations. The soul doesn't follow the oscillation processes of the matter. It has free movements. Thus, the soul is no matter. There weren't any souls, if they wouldn't be made from the real Substance of God. The soul lives eternally and can be reborn in the new bodies of the matter-residents. We take the conclusion: the reincarnation is real! You are reborn under those conditions under which you died - as if you jumped away from the pendulum of a watch and later you jumped back at the same place. 

8.      Matter and soul have the same origin. They are made by the real Substance of God. 

9.      Where is the start of the material world? We lay it arbitrarily into the first expansion series from the minimum universe. There are locked partons flying in the cold. After opening the first of them, there is a big local heat (where seeds of sub-cosms are just opening for the first time) - in the "small bang", the elementary particles moved with a quantum order given by Allah and following his program. After this first Bang, a lot of small bangs are following, creating the galaxies. The measurement of the order was a maximum. While the heat performed the distribution of the particles, more and more components of chaotic structures were made. The order decreased - the entropy increased. The universe is going to be destroyed slowly. 

10.    After the death of the universe, it will be reborn, again and again. The universe oscillates from birth to death to rebirth to re-death etc. into the infinity of time. It pulsates like a heart. One life of the universe has 17.6 billion years inside of half an oscillation period. It lives in its way as inorganic life. Phenomena of mixed life are descended from it, the inorganic and organic. 

11.    Because of the general laws of oscillation, each object living and dying in universe also will be reborn.

12.    Along the appearance of organic living beings following the program and being in the program of Allah, the trend to the chaos was strengthened by the free will of them. In the environment of living beings, especially in the environment of human beings, there is the greatest chaos on this world. It is home-made! This chaos mixes up God's program. However, in the brains, the measuring of chaotic states make possible the inversion of an argument, when you mean, the chaos was primary and it would create order. I say in opposition: the order laws of God - given from the beginning - make well-ordered states from the chaotic states! 

13.    Even the genes of the people are a result of the programming of the complete universe structure. Effects only can come from causes. Consequently, the life hasn't arisen somehow - perhaps accidentally -, but it was programmed to have to arise! The universe is an informational system. For signals, for energy and substances, it even is isolated. For souls, thus, for pure information (which is coupled here in our matter at signals, at energy or at substances), it is open (for signals it is locked). 

14.    Although the man is doing what he has to do and running along the trend to more chaos, but he has got the quality to be able to make order systems. He can swim against the stream. God even expects it. There is the sense of the human being: Swim against the stream of chaos keeping order! Here is the test, face to face of Allah. Can you do it or can't you? Do you simply go along the increasing chaos or do you brace yourself against it? 

15.    The more the man strives to order, the more he comes near to Allah. The more he strives to the chaos, the more he is the best butler of the devil. 

16.    Allah permanently shows us the mirror of his laws. When the biologist asks: why only get the salmons on their painful way upstream? Did Allah want to show us how the world works? First with the stream downward, then against the stream upstream keeping what is worth to be kept. 

17.    A chaotic society isn't in the sense of Allah. However, the absolute tyrannical order is painful. Certainly, the way upstream is also expensive and painful. The middle course must be found. Oscillating between some chaos and some more order.

18.    Therefore, the state should be a state following the laws of the Creator.

19.    A creator-state in principle appreciates die existence and the power of the Creator. It is a state under the rule of law. This democracy isn't a restricted dictatorship of one form of democracy. It can be formed openly. All religions are free. However, they are appreciated only as document-owners. The power is exercised by the state, which works according to the scientific knowledge in the sense of the one God of whom all the religions and all the believers speak and think at their own way: Allah. 

20.    This moment, there aren't creator-states although one innocently adorns preambles of the constitutions with allusions to God - especially in relations to the Christian God. The reality is another. Religions are in the fight. Religious people want to safeguard or reach the dominance. The world is split. Even in the present forms of the democracy, the top people live to the disadvantage of the citizens while they delay necessary solutions during their chaotic disputes. The power of government works nonprofessionally and without enough business-mind. 

21.    The stable particles are the base of all the particles. They are destabilized by the addition of energy, and they stabilize themselves back again by energy release and by forming of particle pairs (these pairs annihilate (radiate) themselves totally into energy). The balance of stabilization is energetically equal to the destabilization. You cannot destroy or permanently destabilize the stable particles. They totally strive to stability as well as the environmental conditions allow it. 

22.    From these facts, I draw the conclusion that every center of an origin, which is related to itself, only then can be eliminated if one destroys it absolutely. This is called in the plaintext: all the things want to turn back to themselves. People are still more concrete. They have their memory.  

23.    The world is an oscillation like a gigantic oscillating circuit, which is supported by its inside and which sends back to the inside. All the elementary particles are such oscillating circuits, too, having resonance to the universe. Nothing runs straight ahead. Everything moves into waves. Therefore always certain phases change themselves. E.g.: having woken up and sleep, seasons, the left and the right leg, etc. All the processes of the world are related to the rolling of the circle or to the "there and back" or to the "up and down" - derived of the oscillation. 

24.  Therefore it is valid: what puffs itself up have to coincide again, too. Who expands, must calculate with the contraction. Who conquers himself an empire, must reckon with its collapse. Who everywhere pokes his nose, must reckon with it that he one day hardly finds something to poke his nose into it. Who enlarges the areas of power and of influence, will have to establish the decline painfully. Who starts with war, will decline in it. 

25.    All the objects and subjects who had an origin and a consciousness, will turn back to their origin. 

26.    It looks like a rainbow at the horizon: its way up and down. 

27.    Albert EINSTEIN (1879-1955) taught the world as a world of the arcs. I was confirmed in the solution of his and of my theories and models. Every way is curved in the universe. I call it the Arcusuniverse. That's my word.

28.   The universe is locked, respectively, it is limited. But we don’t know any time limit of the world, otherwise we weren’t here anymore (but the time limit of an oscillation is possible). Just simply explained: it is a sphere of a radius of 10e26 meters. These are about 10 billion light years. Its existence manifestation is the absolutely stable and oscillating black hole (not the static one). Nothing that are made of matter can come out, because at the horizon of the universe the force increases up to infinite. Consequently, each object and all the waves turn around before they ever reached the end and before they ever noticed that there is an end. They are forced to use curving orbits. On them, they eternally can drive and never notice that there really isn't any infinity of space. But suddenly, there will be the end of their own existence! 

29.    All the laws are the same at all the places of the universe. Therefore, there is not only one civilization, but there are different stages of developments. The contact between such a large distance is just impossible. Certainly, we are curious. We travel to Spain or to Greece. Perhaps to Australia or to Chile. However, do we travel in the vacation to the South Pole? Only some people travel to a place where no fun has to be expected. Who travels from Earth through the universe does not come back tomorrow or next year. He comes back when decades, centuries or millenniums will be gone. The word "back" then has lost its sense. Therefore, I think that there are hardly people of other planets who want to travel through the universe. They will have produced robots - beings from bionics. These beings look like aliens - imaginations of us. Robots and gene-manipulated beings for the reason of space-traveling. But people really look like people everywhere. The same developmental laws apply to them anyway! In principle doesn't a bird always look like a bird? 

30.    The universe is like a proto-atom. From its center, its core and its shell are born. An atom results e. g. like following. We take 12 neutrons and lay them together forming a sphere. Every neutron is unstable. It stabilizes itself back to a proton radiating an electron and an antineutrino. When now 6 of 12 neutrons decay, then they send 6 electrons (+ 6 antineutrinos). But in the core 6 neutrons and 6 protons remain. Those 6 electrons lose some energy on their upward way. Finally, they will fly into their orbits. These orbital areas are known as electron shells. As well as the order of neutrons and of protons in the nucleus and the order of electrons in the atom shell is quantized (organized following quantum numbers). In the universe, the emitted particles are unstable cores themselves of new structures again following the same principle: systems inside of the systems! A fire work of core-shell-installations follows making the hierarchy of the system „universe“.

31.    An elementary quantum is the basic module of the creation. Max PLANCK (1858-1947) discovered it in the year 1900. Planck's quantum h is a constant (Planck's constant). It consists of three factors: mass m, speed v and amplitude r. We simplify by the comparison on three dimensions a, b, c, which make the volume v as the product. The volume is constant then. It only can be enlarged with integer numbers 1, 2, 3 ... n. Consequently, there are only such constant cuboids, but which can have infinitely different shapes, because you can change the relations between abc infinitely. It is just the same with n h = m v r. This basic module of matter can be changed into all directions; but its volume, the magnitude h must remain constant. It's a matter of chewing gum!

32.    So the atom follows to a determined structure. Where would this structure come from, if it wouldn't already exist generally, namely at the proto-atom? Following this, the universe has a core of gigantic magnitude - obviously one oscillating Black White Hole surrounded by vast amounts of cold gas matter falling down back into the core. Therefore, this Black White Hole cannot be noticed directly. You cannot indicate it visually. The gas shell is the relict of the „Small Bang“ in the center of the universe. But essentially more bangs exploded fare away from the „Small Bang“ and installed the galaxies and galaxy clusters there - the cell structure of the world. There wasn't one original bang of all at one time. The so-called „Big Bang“ was a Small Bang just in the central area of universe (see the article of inflation of universe). Layer for layer, on the first Small Bang another innumerable Small Bangs were installed.

33.    The galaxy clusters, also the Hubble-bubble-structure of the universe, is made of quantum numbers. 

34.    If everything was made from a quantity of a first structure of unstable particles, which were in the center of the universe, then the rest of them must be there. It lies waiting of the day to swallow again that matter, which was sent out. After this, it will spit out the matter in a new order again. 

35.    During this process, inside a Black White Hole, a renewal is running. If such a body, which is a quantized cosmos itself, swallows the chaotic matter, then this matter will be sorted into the order of quanta. Consequently, the order will be restored, which is necessary for the new start. Such an unstable and oscillating Black White Hole, I simply named PROTOCOSM (stable and oscillating Black White Holes are COSMOSES or microcosms like protons, electrons, gravitons, subtrons and some special neutrinos). 

36.    A protocosm opens itself, because it is never locked completely, and because then its sub-protocosms are accelerated as strong that they themselves negate the horizon. Then, it is broken. But just then, the sub-protocosms open up themselves by opening of their sub-sub-protocosms. This way goes on by sub-sub-sub-protocosms etc. down to the area of the elementary corpuscles. So-called, the protocosm is a package, which includes packages where packages are inside etc. until inside the smallest packages, these unstable particles lay decaying down to the stable particles. But each package zips away its content. 

37.    This way, every decay of a protocosm installs its external world filled of subordinated series of decays, when radiation bursts are sent out - the ray bursts of gamma radiation. After degree of the decays, a rotation system has arisen. There, everything rotates around each other, e. g. a galaxy or a star system or a satellite system etc. down to the atom. For the external world, the life time has begun when the opening of the protocosm has started. New life is born in a new structure. The life has relatively finished with the collapse (condensation) into a protocosm. At the anticollapse (evaporation) it arises as a new one.

38.    Isn't the birth of a human being comparable with the opening of a protocosm to be the universal law? From an impregnation more and more sub-elements are opening themselves namely the cells while the programmed cells increase and find their cell order. Finally, the baby comes to the world. Then the belly doesn't burst, but the invincibility of the belly will be overcome when at the preformed place an element of the baby - its head (the head is like a sub-cosm) found the way out. Isn't every seed like a protocosm? And what is a day? You wake up - your protocosm in your mind opens into the real world. Your day starts. In the evening it is time to reorganize your power and to program your way again. Your consciousness goes down below the horizon of this real world. It falls down into the protocosm of dreams and of the new order for the new day. Perhaps you dream about the thing, which will happen at the new day in future, because your destiny is given.

39.    Universe-protocosms are able to be reborn. While this process, they unite that matter and that energy coming from the chaotic outside below their horizon, which just is contracting by producing sub-protocosms etc. You can compare it with a living being, who is just eating. The protocosm can eat like a living being. After this, it orders the endogenous matter. When the protocosm has reached its minimum and all the packages of matter are made again and when God's package order is remade as initial order following the quantum laws, then the protocosm expands (by opening their subs and escaping their top subs) and opens again. Like Phoenix from the ash, a new body comes into the outside world. A cosmos gives birth to itself while it dies.

40.    The world oscillates between the states of COLLECTING and DISPERSING. We men in our society have to do what these laws determine. We have the task to collect more than to disperse.

41.    We in principle should not to be destroyers but BUILDERS.


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