ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

The Universe Structure in Principle

Preface: Only some people probably can imagine my world correctly. Therefore, I have tried a simple and short description here. Perhaps one then still needs the explanations from the other articles to understand definitely how simple everything could be.

Because all the things of this world are based of oscillations and wavequanta exchange, the universe is a pulsating sphere inside of a static sphere. The static sphere consists of vacuum. Vacuum is a space, which consists of particles and antiparticles of the same number. These contrasts equalize both the gravitation and also the electricity. This way, we think the vacuum to zero although it is filled with a lot of pre-states of matter. There, rest radiations go around. But there are no particles. .....

This way, even the time of life can be explained! If there was not such a way wandering in universe, then there wouldn't be any time of developments. Well, the "Big Bang" has not created the galaxy clusters of the universe but just a big homogeneous cloud of matter in the center of the universe!


...... the pea, the nut, the plum pit, the belly of the pregnant mother, the brain developing, the eye, the oral cavity, the germs of teeth for the second, the egg, a biological cell, the unicellular organism, the virus, etc. The whole world has been formed from protocosms. Therefore, I cannot list everything, which corresponds to its basic concept of a programed body or part of the body.

We just take a pea and put it into the ground. Like from the trifle, but from the stored energy and the stored program, the embryo grows out when the outside shell is bursting and opened. As well as it forms the roots by cell division, its vegetable body also grows by cell division. The plant lives on mass and energy. Its shape is like a hierarchical structure by the fact that it branches. The Creator shows us, as when the culmination of the branching new protocosms of the almost same structure are formed - the new peas.

Arcus in May of 2003, complete article in the online download.



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