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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

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Our universe is a hierarchical system of cosms and protocosms! Even in the smallest areas there are just cosms and protocosms, which exchange wave quanta between each other. No virtual particles, no quarks, no gluons, no higgs-bosons! These words you never need any more. This world now is explained in unity: Between cosms and protocosms there are only active these both interactions over their wave quanta - electromagnetical and gravitomagnetical. With them each force is explained coming from electrical and gravitational interactions. Particles aren't dots any more, but cosms, spacetimes. Inside of them you find special cosms and protocosms with the same principle as in macrocosm. This way the complete objects become to a system of packets packed into each other. Packing out and packing in - this is one of the operations in that system. Therefore now this theory is a Unified Theory.

"Everything in this world is finite, but: Nothing is eternally nothing any more!"

"We come from universal ligth and we will go to this light!"

Arcus in the year 2000

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Mahatma Gandhi  







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