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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

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Our universe is a hierarchical system of cosms and protocosms! Even in the smallest areas, there are just cosms and protocosms, which exchange wavequanta between each other.There are no virtual particles, no quarks, no gluons, no higgs-bosons! These words you never need anymore. This world now is explained in unity: Between cosms and protocosms,  these both interactions are only active over their wavequanta - electromagnetically and gravitomagnetically. With them, each force is explained arising from electrical and gravitational interactions. Particles aren't dots anymore, but they are cosms respectively spacetimes. Inside of them, you find special internal cosms and protocosms with the same principle as valid in macrocosm. This way, the complete objects are a system-structure of packages packed into each other. Packing out and packing in - this is one of the most essential operations in that system. Therefore, now this theory is a Unified Model.

It is based on 5 premises, 1 Relativity Theory and its gravitational red shift of spectrum, 2 Dark gray holes, 3 Dipoles (also monopoles are irreversible dipoles), 4 Repulsion of matter and antimatter as well as 5 Oscillation of spacetime and exchange waves. Premises 1, 2 3 were aleady proved.

My matter concept is philosophical with a touch of physics. The matter therefore consists of energy E and mass m.

My model of the world is absolutely different:

1       The complete equivalence of energy and mass E = mc ˛ is a mistake. That E is an energy 
especially for mass m being an oscillator

2       "Everything is relative” is a mistake, because stationary vacuum-body is absolute .

3       The "transformation" of waves into particles is a mistake, because particles are oscillators, no waves.

4       The absence from world ether is a mistake, because vacuum is this ether.

5       The wave-particle-dualism is a cardinal mistake, because category pair is from
         oscillator "wavequantum and wave" and not particle-position and wave.

6       The irreversible thermodynamics is a mistake because of protocosms' reinstallations.

7       The theory of the static "black hole" is a mistake because of non-stationary Black White  

8       The standard model of the elementary particles is a mistake because of non-existing
         quarks. Have a look at

9       The Higgs mechanism is a mistake because of special Higgs blocks inside of each
         particle pair.

10.    The quark model is not only a mistake because of third charges. Quarks do not exist.

11.    The Big Bang as the "creator" of the complete universe is a mistake, because of Small
         Bang and a lot of following smaller bangs.

12.    Dark matter is a mistake because of protocosmic evolution by inertia.

13.    Dark energy is a mistake because of gravitational red shift.

14.    Briefly: Everything that current science has built about micro- and macro-cosmos models
         is a complete trash. My new model is based on PROTOCOSMS from the smallest particles
         to the largest objects in universe!

Only my model of the universe, which rests on completely different columns, explains the  universe in its totality. My model is the alternative to all the existing models and all previous attempts to leave this dilemma.


"Everything in this world is finite, but nothing is eternally nothing anymore!"

"We come from universal ligth and we will go to this light!"

Arcus in the year 2000

"First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Mahatma Gandhi  







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