ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
These are my private and scientific sites: https://www.arcusuniverse.com and https://www.no-quarks.com

This ARCUSUNIVERSE is my discovery and my coinage.

I am publishing with pseudonym ARCUS in honor of Einstein's universe of bows. 

I'm publishing my private opinion and the results of my private research!

The completeness of all the information given to the creation has the name "Ghost Arcus" - that ghost of the bow. Everything here is running in bows.

My name is: Heinz-Joachim Ackermann from Germany.

Advertisements on this website are running without my influence. I have absolute distance to links of each other homepages.

Questions about license etc. you can tell me, Arcus, only with subject: sci request. Institutes and universities as private persons may use my work.


All the information, all graphics, the design of my work and the free articles are only for personal information of readers and users using with own risk. All data of this offer have the protection of copyright-law of Germany of 09-09-1965, status 02-1994, especially with §§ 2, 6, 7, 10 and §§ 14 and following.

Storing of the complete website is allowed. All the parts of the book and the articles inside of the website may be copied and distributed after download. Every other processing, copy of changed files and their distribution, publication and business of normal and changed files exceeds normal use. It is a violation of the law of copyright. This violation is followed up criminally and commits doing the compensation.

If you want to work in business with my theories and solutions, please ask me via email for license: Arcus; subject: sci request.

In principle, you are allowed to make verification experiments without asking me, but mention my pseudonym and this source where you found the information for your experiment that it's provable where you took the information.

Theoretical works using my theories and solutions have to call my pseudonym and the source following the law of copyright.

I'd like to hear that you have used my work with yours. Please give me information to ddpm at gmx . de (because of spammers autom. search machines) only with subject: sci request! Another subject I cannot distinguish from spam. Spam filter is not complete. Some mails may come through.


Yours Arcus

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