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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

In the journal "Bild der Wissenschaften 11/2005", p. 10, the following article was published: Galactical Zensus

It says about the work of the astronomers at the side of Jenica Nelan of the Yale University, USA. They examined:

The bigger the galaxies are, the older are their stars and the earlier their formation was finished. There are hardly evidences for galaxy cannibalism. These results wouldn't fit to the predominant models in the galaxy formation by cosmology.

In my English:

The bigger galaxies are, the sooner they were formed. Smaller galaxies are jounger. The "emergence" of galaxies at all events doesn't run by fusion generally.

Well, there are no theory and no theoretical solution which would include this observation.

Anyway! The evolution of the galaxies was published in my book already since 1998 quite differently:

The first-rate protocosms of the universe open up themselves and produce the first-rate rotation systems in the cosmos. These are the oldest galaxies. They are the biggest galaxies at the same time. But therefore: The first-rate galaxy nuclei go through an unstable stage like young stars which is called: T Tauri stage. At this they collapse at every vibration once more. The time between the vibration phases becomes longer and longer. Each collapse produced of a part of the central mass unites a new protocosm which is the second-rate protocosm, at first. That one decays into a smaller and later born (younger) galaxy. The collapse of the center of that galaxy produces the third-rate protocosms. Etc.. The evolution is a series of transformations and newborn, in which smaller, younger and more complex structures are produced down to the dwarf stars within the galaxies which are enriched with heavy chemical elements.

Original part from my book: Page 400 from 2.13.1 Protocosmic quantizing (6 pages, 31 equations)

"The first series of protocosms is filling the complete oscillation of the receptacle cosm. It consists of the first-rate protocosms. If one part of the opened mass of the first rank is collapsing again the second-rate protocosms are arising. This way the process of change of typical protocosm ranks is continuing until the opened mass hasn’t enough pressure energy any more to reach the collapse. Only the annihilation radiation coming back (as radiation cosm) together with the protocosms returning from the amplitude initializes a collapse again which leads to the general back-formation of protocosms (see section 4.2.)."

Because my world is an oscillating spherical world with self-preserving properties.

Something will be added!

In this time, some galaxies are observed which are just a few hundred million years away from the zero passing of the universe when the gas was catched by the galaxies installed by protocosmic openings. The question, well, why galaxies were formed so much quickly (present opinion: by self-going hydrogen gas compressing) is explained by my theory: The protocosms were installing gas balls - those condensates existing from the beginning) which were collecting the gas and which were becoming these galaxies in the end we are able to watch now.  Here are the news of 10-20-2010:

Astronomers found galaxy in most far distance

Garching/London (dpa) - Ein europäisches Astronomenteam hat die fernste Galaxie identifiziert, die je beobachtet worden ist. Das Sternensystem strahlt in einer Rekorddistanz von rund 13 Milliarden Lichtjahren, wie Beobachtungen an der Europäischen Südsternwarte (ESO) gezeigt haben. Bezeichnung: UDFy-38135539, Rotverschiebung von 8,6. 

Quelle der Information: GMX.de (http://portal.gmx.net/de/themen/wissen/weltraum/11389870-Rekord-Galaxie-entdeckt.html)

Briefly: The object UDFy-38135539 with its redshift of 8.6 has a record distance of 13 billion lightyears. It is one of the first galaxies which can be observed.

What is the basic principle of each phenomena of the universe?

At the center of the universe galaxy-heap-protocosms are shot out from the inside of the universe-protocosmos. Nevertheless the slower ones stay next to the center. Multiple which are slow are forming the core, the nucleus around the central protocosm. The core has a shape of gas which is cold and which is screening that universe core.

Galaxy-protocosms are shot out of the galaxy-heap-protocosms. Also the slower stay next to the center. Multiple which are slow are forming the core, the nucleus around the central heap-protocosm. This core is extremely big and protected by cold gas. Each matter which cannot be seen but measured by its mass is counting to the complete matter of the universe. This is the riddle of the co-called "dark matter". It is NO riddle!!

Star-protocosms are shot out of the galaxy-protocosms. Also the slower stay next to the center. Multiple which are slow are forming the core. In the galaxy core under the radiating gas is the black-white hole with its extreme internal mass acting to the outside by its oscillation phases between open and close.

Planet-protocosms are shot out of the star-protocosms. Also the slower stay next to the center. Multiple which are slower are forming the core and around it the gas atmosphere which we see as the gas ball, but which is filled of rotating systems. The core supports the star nuclear processes. This way the star lives longer than with nuclear fusion alone.

Satellite-protocosms are shot out of their planet-protocosms. Also here the slower und heavier satellite-protocosms stay next to the center. Some make the core. Just cooling is not the last idea.

Subsatellite-protocosms are sent out from their satellite-protocosms, etc. ......

This quantized system of matter says us that each star will be born with protoplanets. Interactions disturb some or all of them. Each planet is born with protosatellites in a filled system. They change their amount also by interactions, etc.

We think at the protocosms of living beinges - at their hearts beating. Do they just cool while living?

In the complete universe matter these are the evolution appearances from left to right.

If a protocosm has more energy inside subprotocosms are shot faster and more far away. Each system in cosmos acts with this quantizing principle of the oscillating black-white hole. Certainly it sends out much gas and radiation. Protosystems eat them while living and devoloping. It seems the complete universe is a living being. Each life is not a work of accident, but a work of complete living system.

Irregular systems are simply just results of interactions, of impacts, collisions and combinings.




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