ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
My Copyright

I researched privately. Therefore, all rights are reseved for me. The Bows Quantum Gravitation touches my copyright in the following cases in the meantime:

1. The bow is a fundamental circle on the base of the Planck length. I gave reasons for the unit circle as bow in 1986 first on a base length which a size of 11.706 times larger than the Planck length. I noticed that the Planck length is only the interface of all constants and doesn't represent any size of a real phenomenon therefore.

2. Way and time are quantized. I already stated the same in 1986 and justified extensively the complete system as the gravitation is quantized.

3. The construct of the bows quantum gravitation leads exactly to the same result as my theory since 1986. The world is an oscillator which likes to oscillate from eternity to eternity. Only through this vibration, there is a universe before and after this.

I lift up objection against the violation of my rights by the fact that no reference is taken on my authorship! I will start legal steps.

Since the year 1986 I'm in contacts with scientists and very important persons. They got my documents and confirmed this. Following persons are witnesses:

(List in work)

  1. In 1986, discovery of an ideal oscillator being the universe. Concept of: Wave Theory of the Universe, WTU on 06-27-1987. The universe is an oscillator.
  2. Prof. Lanius, Zeuthen, Prof. Möhlmann etc.

  3. Oscillator-solution of the General Relativity Theory of confirmation of the discovery of 1986, now completely solved on 02-01-1989:
  4. Prof. Schmutzer, Jena

    Prof. Rubbia, Genf CERN

  5. First self-made book, title: IOT , this means: Ideal-Oscillator Theory; 142 pages in 1989, later 155 pages as version IV, in 1990:
  6. U.S. President George W. Bush (Senior)

    Prof. Rubbia, CERN

  7. The complete book Arcus: Die einheitliche Feldtheorie - Antworten auf die Weltfrage (The United Field Theory - Answers to the World Question), 602 pages, publisher: "Verlag Frieling & Partner", Berlin 1998:
  8. The publisher himself. Publishing protects the copyright of the complete documents

  9. Publishing of more than 200 pages of text in private websites since fall of 1998; first website: www.arcusuniverse.com . These documents explain my book (TBA I, II, III, IV, V) and the solutions there introducing them to the public eye. This way, they are protected by publishing of the book and further books.
  10. Corrections of the collection of hypotheses of my books in the year 2021 in work by complete exchange of the "quarks" and their "standard-model" of particles using now my protocosms.
  11. www.arcusuniverse.com



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