ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
The Sun Crisis

The Sun, as each stars, shall obtain their energy with the nuclear fusion. This common astrophysical theory was generally respected. Using this theory to the basis, the star then must produce heavy chemical elements in the course of its existence from hydrogen up to the iron. Just a supernova can deliver the energy to synthesize the transurans, so one is thinking.

If the astrophysicists want to know, how old are the stars, they look for their composition.

But now, however, it is shown that our Sun contains 40% less heavy chemical elements as it must have according to the nuclear fusion theory!

Once again with other words: if alone the nuclear fusion would have acted to produce that emitted energy of the Sun in the last 4.57 billion years, then the Sun must have 40% more of heavy elements up to the iron. However, the Sun hasn't it!

1 . Where does the Energy come from? Or:

2. Why has its Composition rejuvenated itself continuously?

The astrophysicists want to ask the first question and put forward a number of exotic theories to justify this. E. g.: within billion years, the Sun could have had phases of fundamentally smaller radiation, therefore, virtually almost went out. Then, proofs in the ground of this have to be found or on the planetoids. At 40%, however, it is a very vague hypothesis, which one can accept at all. Beneath nuclear fusion, some several processes could have run to split the mergers again. Yes, but how is it possible at this energy balance? Or we could think, the sun would be almost 40% younger, only 3 billion years old. That would be too exotic. Therefore, the answers are so well as not mentioned with sense. But a mix might be right. A bit younger AND some processes of  rejuvenation by protocosms.

This is the crisis of the astrophysics now!

However, I already ask myself the question 2, because I immediately knew an acquaintance development of the crisis, what the solution is. It can be found in my solutions of my United Field Theory UFT "The Book Arcus I":

The fixed stars continuously rejuvenate their inner composition along longer time periods. Over shorter time periods, this happens periodically. (This also happens in galaxies) .

Following my UFT, there are the Black (darkgray) White Holes oscillating harmonically and forming the base solution to my theory. They change between black (darkgray) and white within short periods. These protocosms - as I mention these objects and subjects - are made by the nature in the centers of the stars, the planets, really of all of them. Life consists of analogous cosmic systems.

I know these cohesions since 1986. Here are the links to the pdf-files, originally from my book:
- Black (darkgray) holes being oscillators
- Special Relativity just normally existing inside of an oscillator spacetime
- The fountain of youth renewing the matter
- Star evolution as a transfomation.

Consequently, in the center of the Sun, there is a divergent area producing protocosm pairs. It is oscillating continuously. At this, the protocosm formation collects heavy elements. By the fact that these elements in the subcosm of the protocosm are torn up, the elementary particles form themselves again. The protocosm contracts and condensates after it is incompletely closed to the inside. It is not isolated, because is is not black but darkgray. It expands and explodes (evaporates) regularly according to the laws of the inner quantization to the central ranges of the Sun. The opening protocosms eject radiant energy, which could be added to the exported energy from the Sun and which would fan the nuclear fusion newly, even up to a small amount of heavier elements as transuranic elements. This "explosion" doesn't have  to be understood as simple, but as release of sub-protocosms. From these, sub-sub-protocosms are set free, and so on, according to the release of a cosmic hierarchical structure. These fresh bodies wash fresh hydrogen into the Sun body. In addition, some sub-protocosms come to the surface of the Sun and cause there the effects of sunspots in the new busy cycle of the sunspots and the protuberances. Then the protocosms form themselves newly by the contraction of the divergent area of the central (degenerated) matter in the Sun and picks up the heavy matter once more, the bigger it becomes up to the surface of the Sun. In the center of the Sun, a hole of thinned matter is formed. There, the matter falls down contracting and forming a new divergent area of high density next to the theoretical density of the hypothetical Black Hole.

Then it the center collapses again, expands and ejects the new matter again being hydrogen.

And this was it!

Everybody, which can calculate, will understand a little that this only is the solution of a younger Sun.

Important: Each star or each galaxy core has its own type of protocoms in its center. The larger and hotter the star or the core the bigger and heavier the protocosm! This fact hits the earlier objects in universe. At last, this is the simple explanation of dark matter (mass) or of the missing mass. It is not missing! It is real here, but was calculated incorrectly on base of wrong quantity values in relation of our sun. Observed mass is 1053 kg. Predictes mass of my theory ist 7.14x1053 kg. There is no effective difference! To construct models with dark matter is not neccessary. The cors of all the objects are attractive enough .

But, now one had to read my theory and to do this although I am an idealist and although I believe in the creation,  and although most of the scientists standing in front of their dilemma, do not want to hear about such an idealistic philosophy of life actually at all. This will contribute to this, that no solution will be found for a long time.

Illustrations: The sun is not a homogeneous gas ball. The so-called degenerated matter in the center is not real, too. The sun looks like a cosmos at its inside consisting from gas, largely quantized. There the orange bodies are flying to, bringing new hydrogen gas. They all are themselves protocosms exploding on their way at last. This time energy gets free and giant electromagnetic fields because each protocosm has its own charge.

View at the ecliptic area                                                                                         Side view at the ecliptic line (standing vertically)
(is similar to an eye of a cat)                                                                                   (it looks like a lens)

Look at the first four protocosms, please, which you can see at the line near die end. That single behind both front protocosms I drawed gray like a shaddow. These four giant protocosms are always away! They formed our four giant outer planets. A further turn of four also is away forming the inner planets. A rest of protocosms makes both rings at the sun equator. And a crash of the satellites of the protoplanets formed the asteroid ring and another series of irregular planets like Pluto.

Sun spots come from their sub-protocosms, seen from left to right:

But it is very crazy that you already can read this in the Bible: "You watch the splinter in the eye of your brother. But why don't you see the joist in your own eye?" Mattheus 7, 3.

Yes, the men look into their eyes themselves. They also look into the eyes of the animals. And they have a board before the head! They immediately look into the program, as a cosmos looks like, as everything was programmed here at all. They always see the principle of the being in their eyes, but the don't recognize all this! But what do they have to see?

In each eye we have to see the protocosm or the kind of an "oscillating black hole", as I found what the Creator programmed. Because the pupil opens up and closes itself dependend on the size of light. It is interesting as really a black hole is closing at high engery and opening at low energy or after radiating energy. Such a way the pupil also works! Around the pupil is the iris, the coulored special something in most multiple forms just as the worlds are multiple. In this area are the most multiple forms of life of the universe and the light, the masses and the heat. Around this, there is the white of the eye. It shows us that there in the vacuum of a cosm the light is circulating and returning back to its starting point inside the sphere. This is the total radiation cosm which is above the incoherent cosm, which is above the central protocosm area. Let us look at the solutions:

The eye (it is mine):                                       The cosm:


1. External limit
2. Center, there I could draw a protocosm. But I drawed here a moment at which the incoherent matter is just at the evolution amplitude, at the larges elongation. This is why I only made a small black point.
3. Elongation of the incoherent matter
4. Rotation orbit of the radiation and the sub-protocosms coming from the center. In the eye you see clearly the curved orbits and the variety of the interactions because there are the galaxies, the stars, the planets and the sattelites in the universe.
5. Area of vacuum, in which only the radiation is circulating. There is no mass.

The compound eye of the insects may tell us that the cosms can be coupled with each other, but not the universes. There is only one. But the particles as microcosms can couple themselves inside of the universe. The eye and the compound eye also tell us: 

ATTENTION! Cosms communicate with each other. This is the exchange of the information on which objects and subjects are reacting. 

But there isn't just one human eye. Both eyes make the spherical view! If a man was alone with whom should he communicate than? Whom could he look into his eyes? Doing this two men have to exist! Consequently, the creation gives us the sign: The universe is made from a quadrupole (from four poles). 4 protocosms are one system acting together. Even this kind of quantization my theorie's solution was giving. 

But what shall tell us the beat of our eyelids?

1. If they beat fast, then they tell us: A protocosm is able to close itself fast and to open itself as fast as it was closed.
2. If the eyelids close themselves to sleep, then they tell us: Inside of a locked protocosm the matter and the program are ordered newly als body and spirit become new. You awake and open your eyes with a fresh psyche and a fresh body with a new program of the comming new day.

All this we see in our eyes. It means, God made us from his reflection. Today it is meant that we would look like God. But I give it a new meaning. God made us with his program. He had a picture of it what sometimes will be from his program in his universe! And if it wasn't God, who made this program? Anyone was it, perhaps he had the name "Accident".

Who can see the truth, too? Obviously, it is you and me, who do not have a board before your eyes any more.

Heinz-Joachim Ackermann on 11-5-2008

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