ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Can you once cure every carcinoma?

The Carcinoma

A terrible illness in the light of the united field theory (UFT) of Heinz-Joachim Ackermann

On ahead, I want to explain that I am a chemist with physics knowledge, but I am not a medical doctor. With this file I would like to bring suggestions. It doesn't lie in my most distant interest to step or even to offend some doctor or medical researcher too closely. Dear scholars, if you should feel such an emotion in your sensitivity, I then apologize to you ahead in this! 

Cancer arises from most various influences in the end, but lusted to be led back have on the basic sizes of this world: Substance and energy and the special information which is bound to them both. At this, it always is about cancer exciting substances and cancer exciting energies which pass cancer exciting information. Such information can be produced by the psyche, strengthened and sent so that it is involved in the emergence, the prevention, the normal cure and also in the spontaneous cure of cancer substantially.

But what however is excited actually? The scholars argue at present. An opinion goes out the cancerogenesis of the mutation of the genes as this priority. The newer research means to have watched the chaotic multiplication of chromosomes about the normal measure of 46 pieces in connection with the emergence of carcinomata. Every living being also has a definite number of chromosomes, except of its species, e.g. cat 38, carp 104, butterfly 380, wheat 42 (source: http://www.sgci.ch/plugin/template/sgci/*/11576).

Obviously also new kinds of gene survive the intact immune systems because they can deceive these well or aren't recognized by them, however. This likes to matter that the immune system is missing the information about this completely if such an absolutely new living being is made and introduces itself to the immune system. It likes to be that this then simply "twitches with the shoulders". How can one teach a program to fight against a virus which it doesn't know at all? The solution of this question could help to fight cancer generally. Medicine research looks for a medication which could fight against cancer fundamentally.

Well, this wish stands contrary to the ideal desire that every carcinoma represents an individual uniquely like a single new living being which lives and grows on the basis of the affected living being (but few exceptions).

There should consequently be only medicine to cure again and again one singular and unique carcinoma. This is an almost indissoluble task.

Machine translated into English, it is not yet corrected by me:

Unfortunately, my theory supports this way of thinking, if one wants cancer to the special programming the unique close, since the so-called "mass-block" the inside of the quanta is non-differentiable of other quanta. One only can explode the block actually or simple or try to poison with a medication out blade (see chemotherapy still effective at young carcinomata) and destroy a quantity at this, well weaken the defense of the own body extremely. Sooner, the surgical method is still interesting. Radiations are but the most effective. You cause cancer and in the cancer cause sub cancer so to speak to destroy him. However, the problem is the understanding of the radiations. I befit, still far down. Using the world formula of the united field theory UFT, to this I approach my understanding of the carcinoma. After the UFT as she was built and published by me, Heinz-Joachim Ackermann 1987, announces it laws of nature which isn't still concretely known to today's science:

Disorder is collected and summarized to a new order by a quantum law of order not by the "accident".

Quantum orders or quantum collections are packed into a newly formed spacetime. The packing forms but no completed spacetime but a new body closed relatively with own inside function. Well, it a new living being or a new spacetime program arises -- I also say to this: a new cosmos. Logic: I already consider the universe from which every manner is descended other programmed life as life. All life-forms have the cosmic property together. Das universe therefore is hierarchically orderly. There are (cosmoses within cosmoses) with spacetimes within spacetimes packed: This is the packing law of nature discovered by me of the universe.

(in the special in the UFT analogon on a new spacetime describes formation of protocosms after the formation of the new body), starts that one as long as grow on till he opens up and to the surroundings of the superordinated spacetime (the superordinated body or cosmos) grows and there further grows provided that he finds the necessary nutrients. Well, the unique body always grows. His "expansion" ends only with the decline of the system supporting him which follows from the UFT provided that he isn't stopped by the quite natural process: the growth stops as long as at, be to the signals in same way by the body sent out answered. The growth then stagnates in every phase. Since every cancer is however a unicum he doesn't find any partner, this one it is for equal-type, a monkey male finds a monkey female how but his signals remain unanswered. However, they then should be answered equally into amplitude and frequency spectrum in phase stops the growth. This means that a living being never is alone there but exchange full of living beings, compensated in one always takes place in a cosmos of matter between the living beings. The cosmos otherwise is unstable and grows into the next cosmos in the higher hierarchical plane. Are the signals answered over-valently therefore received with greater intensity than sent then the growth turns himself over for the cancer body for even one counter-body offered or a radiation from counter-information into a shrinking. This way it is destroyed so. This applies to all universal bodies for particles which are destroyed by antiparticles like for egg-whites which are destroyed by counter-egg-whites. A new protocosmic center must be introduced, that in the center of the carcinoma for the cancer by cancer this is called disturbed. What does it mean for the cancer? with the increase of chromosomes a programmatic disorder which forms the offer arises a new order after the quantum laws created. Nothing alone arises of from this, though. The quantized energy is missing! The order is missing a program as the offered substances have to be connected to a system, said differently.

This basic information is introduced by spherical bundles of energy. You are inside quantized only, substructured. Disintegrating unstable particles are part of this from the cosmos, protocosms well opening up, at the location of the cell. However, these are also wave quanta in the form of electromagnetic or gravitomagnetic waves, preferential way longitudinal waves (shock waves). These spherical waves are similar to particularly the protocosms energies, if they are spherical. These finally would be also microscopically small ball flash. After this quantum law of order is conceited by the spatially orderly energetic annoyance now. The growth is completed and this one corresponds to himself with that like a protocosm of developing spacetime which grows till she opens up to the surroundings. Good-natured growth can get carcinogenic by this kind of opening. Well, stable growth are analoga on protocosms whose scheduled opening radius still isn't reached for a long time expanding slowly. One keeps her for "good-natured" in this phase. .Der beginning of a carcinoma at all events seems to the good-natured state to be like but, if a little to much time passes, then ... .. Metastases are like systems which then open and grow after collecting completed also. The beginning is always an analogon still inferred on the state of protocosm during this so is. The protocosm is an unstable cosmos, this one expands and himself pours into the superordinated space of the spacetime hierarchy in and then lives in him further than part of the higher spacetime. At this every protocosm forms own restricted body, which his for sub protocosms sent to the surroundings (for analogon: He sends the daughters who forms the metastases) so. These forms of the new living beings are unique respectively. Your growth only then could stop, if an equal-type living being would offer himself as partner by the fact that it would answer on the search signals of the other living being. It seems banal: The cancer waxes because he doesn't find any equal partners no answer cosmos. He grows, stay he doesn't get back he sends what. He can grow as long as he finds nutrients in his surroundings as long as the host lives so to speak. He then dies. If equal-type carcinomata would exist, this one could it return, the growth then would stagnate. By an increase of shipment the cancer even would shrink. In these stages he still could decide stagnating or shrinking on his life of his own before he would have killed his host. If it was possible to deliver a counter-cancer to the cancer either by information about this which is sent to him or by a material counter-cancer from opposite ancestral estate, the cancer would die immediately. Sends one against protocosm to the infection to him by specific radiation with a new cancer he sets for his location then on basis. One well could fight the cancer: for his measuring out for the observation for his signals and the production of counter-signals in 180° of phase turn, suitable amplitude and frequency as well as suitable range of all frequencies as well as by the specific ray treatment with protocosms or analogous to protocosms energy.

The world is an informational system according to UFT. Mass gives it up not basing any substance. (energy sounds, good it however doesn't give up either E = M x Cē indicates the equivalence of both). The world is nothing else as an illustration of programmed movements "of" a unique element which cannot since this unique element forms the matter first be explained with our ideas of a chemical element because it has moved itself concluding. From this as a programly recognized the man, that the movement can be expressed with a coupling of way and time about the speed. There aren't way to himself and time to himself. The excursion and the oscillation time are coupled at the electromagnetic wave about the vacuum light velocity C: The UFT describes the world as an oscillator which forms a hierarchy of oscillators for wavelength shared by period time the same for C .. Well, it is a crowd of wave begetters and waves. Where is the substance there? Every chemical element is an oscillation phenomenon of space and time ! every medication consequently affects with his own vibration range opposite the organ fallen ill which has fallen in his oscillation from the harmony. Without having to produce a medication now, it is possible to substitute the medication by a concert of oscillations. You have recognized of Paul Schmidt, the founder of the vibration medicine, such. The successes are also modest, though. Because some physical laws well weren't turned over at this. It was always tried to activate "resound" and it to the find again of the stability by sending the harmony without attention of amplitude, intensity and phase relationship the D sharp harmony of the ill waves with that. Who that is then doesn't permanently hang on the equipment has bad chances to be cured of the vibration cocktail. Because the harmony doesn't destroy any cancer. She supports the organism at the self-healing. However should this fail for various reasons the carcinoma. To win namely turn a vibration composition off then as when the cancer all factors must be moved, the frequencies, the phase relationships, the amplitudes and the intensities. However, the greatest difficulty prepares the distinction of the cancer waves of the waves of the other organs and organisms. What is the vibration of the ill organs? What is the vibration of the unique growth? Which one is the vibration of the unique carcinoma? This shall be a single cancer wave at Paul Schmidt. However, I cannot this opinion share, she stays the received wave every cancer represents an independent new living being as unicum and sollte.1 therefore radiate his independent vibration range . it is valid try to identify the cancer sends what for signals obviously she and both find medications which can send the counter-wave and develop vibration medical high tech equipments which can react in every kind of cancer by the fact that turning around and returning. This becomes almost . sein.2 by no means it is valid send unstable particles so that they disintegrate in the center of the carcinoma. The cancer shall not radiates becomes and perhaps you catch as when the shot shooting once by the cobalt cannon. No, he shall be happened to by some disturbing and reforming information in his life center of his own directly! Being able to this be muons or hyperons whose disintegration one can check by the speed sent out. Knowing this but being also spherical Tesla waves be worked on the forming still must. However, this should be a small ball-lightning which is escorted into the center of the carcinoma. Perhaps manages also to program a virus (in genetic engineering), which would have the feature to infect and to take to death only the cancer but the ambient environment of the carcinoma not, however. Everything might be feasible this, today. I already thinks consequently of another connection of causes and effects, too as the present medicine. The protocosms buzzing by the universe and the energy balls will be the direct triggers of new unknown cells in the living organism. I always abbreviate her . just   hits one PK in the brain or the liver so and he opens up to this time, he then forms a new living being under use of the offered means with PK. The immune system fights actually all foreign things. Well, how then can it not recognize the stranger or be impeded to recognize and to destroy him? At first we know the phenomenon at the cold virus. Every new cold isn't fought by the immune system. It is . powerless think   at this I now till now absolutely to the factors, which one as cancer getting excited be looked: The mutation beneficial substances probably will cause not the slightest primary mutations but disturb only the immune system chemical substances, toxic substances, spiritual suffering etc.. The serving of chemotherapy will cause the same, seldom destroy the cancer but weaken the immune system at the end. Causes cancer really exciting are well protocosmic analogon: Should one protocosms himself (unstable particles of every sort), protocosmic energies (spherical waves of all manner or dot-likely concentrated energies), viruses (the viruses are built up almost just the same as protocosms, only just organic nature) for. How himself in front of plead the PK as an excuse? In the second rush through our whole body about 1 billion neutrinos with only a single interaction with other nucleon. Yes, neutrinos with masses of indescribably small size. Reports a considerable energy and mass of this which is suitable to produce new life to the PK in his inside. One cannot protect himself from this! Unless one lived deeply under water in a station. There are electromagnetic energies everywhere. We are shot at incessantly. The immune system is or added weakened by substances which is in the food, got in, too definite purposes during the manufacturing incessantly. This one put under stress weakens it in addition. Constantly, cancer illnesses will consequently increase .   one can refrain from only the means actually, which ones damages and weakens the immune system and all of them can be however. In the end of the refreshment provided a thing, this for the creation cancer so is: The PK arrives and the life destroys. PK in the cosmos travels, they gather the existing structures and destroy they at this by the fact that. The PK bursts, he is there by the fact that. He has negated himself. The analogon on these cosmic processes is the cancer in the human body. This can meet everybody, whether young or old . many then will   ask again: Was the creator then a dear God? He already created the paradise as. When he banished the people together with the devil into the universe, he was inheriting east and furious. This local creation is a detention camp, not the paradise! The anteroom of the decision: Sky or hell. Everybody must find the answer for himself as he wants to meet this cosmic system of the total lack of freedom. There isn't the dear God here in this world. The Satan does his mischief here. Perhaps to this one the cognition loves to believe God who is outside the universe someplace there, a hope, a light, says that is. Perhaps, is helped one anyway, as this-creation works, a help, however? Well, then should we try it, come into the center of the carcinoma with PK directly and prevent him from the revival of our own therefore. You see worked like the own revival, that, as the sun inside work and newly revive again and again knowing at my solution for this: The sun crisis.

Today early, Sunday 11-30-2008 immediately I woke up and thought to the following:

The modern biochemistry is able to produce a copy of the genes and to duplicate these anyway. How about it wanting to produce a mirrored copy of the unique carcinoma and feed it with that on this way? Wouldn't then the unique weapon be invented, turn over around every type with its antibody cancer out of action by cancer? I absolutely would dare such trials. Inject the exact antigens into the carcinoma! In respective combinations or it also can be taken oral.


Heinz-Joachim Ackermann Goerlitz on 8-16-2007, expanded on 11-30-8

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