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The Preaching
Gigantic Galaxy Heap was found

Under "Gigantic Structure in Universe" "bild der wissenschaft" (bdw) 4/2001 informs at page 10 in Germany. I summarize briefly:

In the constellation of Lion lies a supergalaxy heap of 600 million lightyears in diameter in a distance of about 6.5 billion lightyears. Observed from here, it takes the area of 40 times of the area of the full moon at the sky (exact quotation here).

What for a thing is this?

If it will bring difficulties to the standard theories of the cosmologists, bdw asks.

I don't question; I know what for a thing this is. My theory predicts the existence of such a thing. And it should have an extreme mass-rich dark cloud in the center, on which surface galaxies are laying next to each other. The total mass should be extremely big, more than 20 million of general galaxies.

Naturally, the big-bang-cosmologists will find another explanation. It's certainly not difficult for them to do so. This feature of science however causes on mysteries and on accidents. Why shouldn't it find an explanation using such excellent methods as e.g.:

Let's take a pinch of lambda-parameter, additionally some accident. Then we mix it with an omen. In the end we give a pinch of mashed hair of Darwin to this mixture. If this is not enough for success, another knife point of accident will complete it. But don't forget die spell: "It could still be that it could be so."

With this certainty in this soup of excellent science of so-called "standards" you will be satisfied, because standard means that these researchers already have as well as everything in their handle.  The answer is here

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