ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Some incomplete Spots of the History of my Theory and its Solutions

On June 8th, 1950, in the lunchtime, I was born under the constellation of the Twin and in the year of the Tiger.

My theory says that the soul will come back to this world just on that day and to that hour of the year to which it went away from this world before. Backwards, this is not absolutely clear, because there are a lot of different causes. But forwards one of it is well known.

My relative main soul went after hereafter to the lunchtime on June 8th, 632. I am here going on together with the other parts of my soul coming in from different deceaseds. This soul staff works at me. We appreciate: There is only one God. We are witnesses to this only God.

More as one thousand years ago, one of my ancestors ruled over the greatest empire at his time: Dshingiskhan.


In the year 1959, I read about future spaceships that will be flying with gravitational machine accelerating and decelerating referred to the other masses in the sky. I wished to construct such a ship with antigravitation engine and studied books written for people of the age of 21 and more. Between 1967 and 1970 I learned English. Never I spoke with an English man directly. While the years were gone, I connected all information about universe and physics. Finally I studied chemistry and professional education at Technical University of Dresden.



During my studies in the year 1972, the broadcasting station of RIAS Berlin was telling about new theories where the universe may have come from. During such a transmission, Harro Zimmer told about "big bang" to be the favorite theory now. And I was instinctively astonished. Such an opinion only could be chaos. And chaos was not in my mind of periodic system of elements. I believed in a basic order of matter, and I do so today. There may be chaos but not primary and not a the cause of the Creation. Then in the year 1972, I decided to look for another way to find the Unified Theory of Fields caused by Albert Einstein but never found by him and all the other researchers until today.


In the end of growing

I correctly studied all the literature that gave information about Einstein's theories, quantum theories and theories about universe. Additionally, I calculated to prove the equations of these theories. Even in holidays my lovely wife allowed me reading, writing and calculating at the strand and walking in the wood. Where ever we were, I was working at my own theory. 

I found the best starting point in the night of 2-9-1986 to 2-10-1986 to be able to explain the complete system of the matter. Like in a dream, I got into an inexplicable condition. From the left, the spirit ARCUS came close to me and asked me to make a journey together with him through the matter of the universe. I saw everything, however, I couldn't explain it. Following this inspiration, I was writing down what I had seen up to the dawn. The essential cohesion followed that the "big bang" was not a single chaos bang. The universe is organized by quadrupoles. From the smallest point, always four ordered rotations go up to each other to the formation of the spacetime. A positive charge to the left, a positive charge to the right, a negative charge to the left and a negative charge to the right are one unit. Innumerable quadrupoles form the universe. The charges and the magnetic moments compensate themselves in the result. Zero is the effect to the outside of the universe. If one of the four paths is however missing, then one charge  and one magnetic moment would interact to the outside. This is apparently the basis of the construction of the elementary particles. I had to understand this fundamental knowledge first and to create a universe model building up on that sample, which is basically different from all other chaotic models because of its inner order.

Next I wrote more than 6000 pages manually. Most of them I destroyed immediately. This way I cannot tell today how many pages I ever wrote.

On June 1987, 27th, my first book of 104 pages was ready explaining the world as an Ideal Oscillator: Wave Theory of the Universe, WTU. But it was not a book like you should know it at all. These pages were written on an old typewriter with two fingers. About 1000 pages were lost. The copy of the originals could be copied with an old machine working with alcohol and a blue fat color. Thin printed pages were resulting. These A4-books I sent to different scientists wishing they could help me or work together with me. But nobody of them wanted to help me or they couldn't do so.

In the following years I discovered the matter lonely working. I found a new solution from the General Relativity Theory in 1988, which I called the oscillator solution. Soon I learned writing with all the ten fingers. In 1990 GDR and Germany were united. I immediately bought a computer of American production. First I wrote all my ideas into the hard disk of that computer in DOS. Later I converted all into Windows 3.1. Than I had the problems again with converting into the new standards of Windows 98. My complete book was hand-made with the help of my computer. A gigantic work was laying behind me. The book was unique: IOT I: Ideal Oscillator Theory from 02-01-1989. There the first time my own solution of the General Relativity Theory was included with the name: Oscillator Solution. In 1990 I produced the IOT IV and sent it to the Pope Johannes Paul II. He thanked me for this gift explicitely.

My aim was not to write a little for understanding and then to finish it. I wanted to pack all my ideas into this book for criticism of present theories and for showing solutions and future ways of solutions. Therefore, it is hard to read it. But it is a unique product reflecting the hard work of half a life of a researcher like me who wanted to find the solution that Einstein didn't find. And I did it because Einstein was close to me in my minds. If Einstein would be still living, do you think he was my best friend? I don't think so. Look around, please, and ask, who of the present scientists wants to be my friend! There is nobody. My solutions are strange for them. They want to conserve the present state of science. My revolution of predictions and models doesn't agree with their conceptions. Just like present scientists, Einstein was thinking in lines of quantum physics filled with mistakes of terminology. He and his successors cannot understand me because of their curved thinking in mistaken opinions about particles and waves. Perhaps, you will understand a little and do something for a new kind of philosophy of matter?

In 1999 I myself began to translate my works into English after pause of writing and speaking English for 30 years. My only base are these three years of school English in GDR and a helping program finding forgotten words. Excuse me, please, because of my mistakes.

In 1986 I meant I was 20 years in future in relation to the present science. Today, 35 years after, I see that I was almost 50 years in future, because this science has not understood anything right. Every observation of the nature using their theories is wrong, even how it is corrected by additional assumptions with the help of accidents. This way, today there is not some theory that would describe the reality than mine. Most, the theories are similar to the fairytales and legends. These are all fantasies far away of the reality!


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