ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

My results

The universe as a totally locked and a hierarchical and informational system of different kinds of non-stationary Black White Holes

The fundament of this explanation is my Protocosm Solution. Using it, a cosm as well as a microcosm only can be explained as a spherical oscillation. It emites spatial Tesla-waves and receives such waves, which acts the momentum exchange. There are three kinds of cosms: open, locked and both states in one.

The mass of the cosm is dependent on its frequency. The vibration velocity is equal to vacuum light speed. The larger a cosm, the less it oscillates in the same time relatively to the smaller cosm. Inside the larger cosm, more internal worlds can be placed, in this respect also more internal mass can be there.

This paradoxon is called to be "non-plausible physics" by the established physics. My solutions aren't accepted.

Surely this doesn't sound plausibly, but it is a mathematically correct construction:

A closed cosm is packing the internal mass M and zipping it away. The larger the packer-cosm, the smaller is its external mass m, but the bigger is its internal package of the mass M.

The mathematical result is connected to a new constant k: m = 4.7 x 10-16 kg² / f M.

A package is finished if the inflation variable f is decreased from 1 to 4.7x10E-16. At least the system is open. With 1 it is a Black White Hole, but not stationary. Think: Solutions of Einstein's General Relativity Theory are geometric moment flashes of reality. There no movement is given. Every flash is a picture of stationarity. But the world is in movement! I found: It is in oscillating movements.

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