ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

The alternative creation of the solar systems

Actually this link in 2018-2: Earth's hard internal core and fluid external core cannot be arised from homogeneous matter

Animation by Arcus 2003

1. A supernova (SN) exports at least one protocosm pair from its center exploding then into some distance. We look at one of them. It explodes in the distance of about x 100 billion km and more dependent on the energy of the supernova, and sets free its internal matter following the same quantization principle as the supernova. Observed at SN1987A and today at SN1993J. They already prove my theory, but they are explained another way by the present science without knowing my results. This is also why exoplanet Kepler-78b has a chance to exist extremely next to its central star. And its important to know: All the other protocosms explode quantizedly in different directions forming out a structure looking like a sand-glass. You know. Such formations, one can observe in universe by Hubble's discoveries. Somebody is surprised at the sand-glass shape.  But there, at the waist, the fastest protocosms already flew away. Like observed in cassiopeia and in bumerang nebula

2. This protocosm sets free all these sub-protocosms coming from its waist, which were just be shot out into the space. Important: Protocosms are lighter than neutrinos with their outside mass m. This is why they fly next to the light speed. So they fly off from the front of the real explosion of the SN-area until they explode far away. Then the package of extremely big internal  mass M and energy comes free by which the change of the momentum makes to stop the flight.

3. Each sub-protocosm sets free its own subs from which satellites and their substructures can be formed from purely gas, at last.

4. The substructures by subs and their subs etc. reach down to the molecules, how all the preconditions are given to the coming evolutions while the creation of the solar system. This young solar system just consists of hydrogen and a little bit helium.

5. This time, the dust cloud of the supernova arrives the baby-like solar system and fertilizes the new system with heavy elements and chemical compounds. These corpuscles were made by supernova and during the way the dust was cooling itself. 

Conclusion: Protoplanets and protostars did not and do not arise from contracted dust but from pre-programmed protocosms and their rotation structures. They collect the dust's particles later.

Arcus in 2003

Important: Black Holes of my theory solutions are divergently locked Black White Holes! So they are never really black rather Darkgray Holes! This way, they are never completely locked. Therefore, they open themselves after a relatively short time after "explosions" of  White Holes. These are forming out the structures of the universe.

Remark in 2007:

In the meantime indications occur increasingly supporting my theory and its solutions. Here are some examples:

1. In spherical star clusters are more planets than expected. On grounds of the established theories, they might be less. Following my solutions, there are more planets.

2. In double star systems are planets, too. My solution does not negate this, because planets aren't formed from an accretion disk, but they are ejected from their proto-stars. Then they collect the dust and connect it forming the disks of dust.

8-31-12 about Kopp online, the source Russia today:

Double star solar system discovered with 2 planets

Kepler 47 at a distance of 3900 ly

Constellation swan

Bright and pale star rotate around their gravity center.

Two planets rotate around their both suns.

Kepler 47 B is inner planet, rotating round the suns within 49 days. Seeming hot as Mercury.

Kepler 47 is similar to our giant gas planet Uranus, it rotates around the suns within 303 days. Life would be possible on its moons.

It is crazy now that the scientists didn't reckon at all that such a system could exist. Their models start out of completely different formation events of the planets. Therefore, it isn't possible that two suns have two planets arounding them. They must reconsider everything now. However, it won't be difficult with random components. They have explained the whole universe with two thirds accident. Terrific performance!

Only my Unified Field Theory is certainly able to explain why there are such constellations in double star and multiple solar systems.

Quite simply: Using my theory, stars and planets don't arise from dust alone. Before their forming there is already a shot, which is binding the dust. This shot is expelled from the respective young system precusors. It passes small space structure only from hydrogen and from rotation systems of its own from smaller hydrogen balls in its inside.

A protosun ejects its protoplanets which do the same to protoplanets with their protosatellites etc. till everything is distributed fine. Interstellar dust as well as supernova dust are then picked up and bound for the planets and satellite formation. Don't forget, every formation of secondary protocosms is a pair-formation. So, actually, a pair or a twin of suns has to be built. Here, I had no place to perform this by my small movie.

In this respect, the planets already are existing in their preliminary stages, if the suns have been formed from greater pre-objects. If two suns arise from their shots next to each other, then they start rotating around each other. If they now give birth to their own children, that's to say, ejecting their protoplanets, so they then rotate around that gravity center of both stars after the laws of physics, consequently. It is that easy! With accretion disks of pure dust, this behavior cannot be explained so simply.

Everything is only possible, because I could design the protocosms, which correspond to the Black White Holes: The solution of the General Relativity Theory, which Einstein searched and which he expected and didn't find that he hopes one would find it sometimes. And I found it in the year 1986. No-one wants to know this to this day. Harms actually, that one has made up in ignorance of my performances to remain ignorant further for decades. Snootiness comes before the case.

3. At 10-11-2006 a supernova was observed, which exploded twice. No established theory can explane this phanomenon. My solution but is plausible: At first, at 10-20-2004, an oscillation formed just one part of the internal mass into a protocosm pair which was ejected from the pre-SN. The total SN followed then 2 years later (SN 2006jc in UGC 4904). This only can be explained by my protocosm-solution of the oscillating Black-White Holes!

4. The planet NGTS-1b is around 600 lightyears away in constellation Dove. This gasgiant, similar to our Jupiter, is very near to its own star, which is half in diameter of our sun. The distance only is 3 percent of the distance between earth and our sun. In such a short distance, but this planet could not have been formed by collecting dust. But yes, only following my solution of protocosmic installations it can exist there!


Why did I simplify my animation in this way?

At this point, I broke up, because it is impossible to improve the uncountable processes of quantizations which means:

This representation I already gave to professor Möhlmann in 1988 but without success. Arcus in 2003


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