ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
1st The World Formula

Never there will be one global World Formula! Do you ask me, why? Einstein's General Relativity Theory with its field equations, already was the best description of the world. Its solutions should give a quantity of world formulae. They all would describe the world. Some of them are my world formulae.

Is it complicated?

Is it even sexy?

They say simply something different. But present physics publishes its quite different opinion as following.

Thesis of physics: everything explodes at one moment - the Big Bang. Then the things come together accidentally forming wonderful structures of order from homogeneous gas.

My antithesis: pre-programmed explosions (evaporations) were running in an inconceivably large number given by pre-structure. From them, the wonderful order developed itself following an ideal program. Accidents or chances have a tiny amount.

For example, please, imagine, you wanted to see a firework. Mr. blaster would let explode the complete quantity of firework at one location at one single place. Chaos would be the result. How long would you stand there and wait that it would change into a luminous order?

Now imagine that example for the proper firework, please. Each part of the firework has its function then. It makes one part of the wonderful completeness, which order was given from the beginning. It looks like here if you haven't still seen the world's oscillation. Attention! This animation just shows a stable cosmos as the universe or as a proton or an electron. It does not show an unstable cosmos represented by the so-called protocosms that open up themselves while expansion and evaporation. This process sets free the internal substructured mass. It runs into the above existing space (coordinate system) forming secondary structures even sand-glasses. The fastest protocosms are running far away where they opened themselves and formed out a new rotation system. 

In steps. First the protocosm in its best state, but it is never completely locked:

Now the opening protocosm (its elongation into evaporations):

First, it sets free the biggest protocosms out of its x-area. These protocosms are flying far away, they are very fast. The next are big enough to run far away, too. It looks as a wear would catch on around and forld itself into both funnels up to +y and -y coordinate.

And then the homogenous center of the protocosm remains:

Two funnels like a cutted sand-glass is the result. Later, these both gas-filled systems fall together into the center. There, they form out the new star or in analogue, the system like Galaxy core etc. So diffent cases are galaxy centers, planet centers, satellite centers, but also bodies of living beings etc.

And now let's go to the theoretic part.

Einstein already had the World Formula without knowing it. His field equations of General Relativity Theory of 1915/16 make the most abstract feature of that World Formula, an image that is standing still. Its solutions reflect the contents of this World Formula. There are the most important solutions for unity of fields: 1st modified solution of Schwarzschild, see the complex below here (Schwarzschild, 1916, and Arcus, 1992), 2nd Friedman's solutions (Friedman 1922) and 3rd Oscillator Solution by me (Arcus 1988). But Quantum Theory is blurry and filled with mistakes of interpretations. It cannot substitute Einstein's work, it only can complete it after its correction for better models.

"1 In the beginning, there was that word, and the word was from God and God was this word.

3 All the things are made of the same, and without the same is nothing made what is made. 4 There was the life in it, ..." (John 1)

Here is the mathematical sentence of the Creator, who made his word generating the things of matter and spirit, which were living from the start (source - The Book Arcus I, page 356):

  1. Vacuum: medium of cosms, ideal liquid
  2. Relativity of oscillators under each other in gravitation potential, distances of cosms (General Relativity Theory);
  3. Oscillators themselves; these are cosms or particles in a hierarchy - cause of life

  4. They are oscillating (General Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics unified)
  5. Relativity of Oscillators in the shape of their wave functions referred to the relativistic gravitation potential. This includes the movements of cosms (inclusively the Special Relativity Theory).

vacuum =

1st if there is no gravitation potential anymore,

2nd if there are no oscillators (particles) anymore and

3rd if there is no wave energy exchanged between them.

This means, if all these functions are compensated from positive and negative parameters, summarized  to zero in L -parameter for example, then the stationary vacuum appears.

This also means that there must be positive and negative gravitation even like positive and negative oscillators and also contrary wave functions. Positrons must have a negative mass. Electrons have the positive mass.

And something else:

1st This relativistic gravitation potential must be added for the real gravitation

2nd and to the cosms resting.

3rd The wave relations must be subtracted of the resting gravitation, because really the movement mass of a particle does not increase while moving (that does those retardation mass at indication), but it decreases.

But all the three terms of the equation are square. You cannot calculate the root from them simply adding or subtracting the terms without taking into account observation of completeness. God shows the total thing of universe this way.

Experiments, made today, did not confirm antimass of antimatter. Why didn't they? These experiments were made under conditions, which could not give the proof. On the one hand, they took unstable particles without knowing their correct structure, and on the other hand, they haven't a solution to explain such a new kind of experiment to proof antimass exactly as I have according to my United Theory IOT. So I give you some suggestions for such experiments here.

If you don't see the wood prevented from all the trees around, then I have this explanation for you:

The world is vacuum filled with oscillators. Oscillators are particles in the feature of cosms. All the oscillators make a hierarchy of three world planes (areas, coordinate systems). This means that three type generations of oscillators are packed into each other like a Russian Matryoshka. Important are the positions of the oscillators referred to each other and their relative movement to each other. All this is universal life! Life is pulsating (oscillating, vibrating), it dies and will be reborn!

THAT'S ALL! More does the World Formula not say. And this what it says is enough for explanation of the world and the life! Admittedly, it is a standing image. No movie! You have to set the standing images into motion. This, I have done.

2nd Gravitomagnetic Field

The gravitomagnetic (g. m.) field is confirmed by the rotation of two mass streams. General Relativity Theory predicted this effect like following:

Periodic movement of a circle of test particles influenced by the linear polarized gravitation wave

"Illustration 15.2


/Dr. Stephani: General Relativity Theory, page 146, Berlin 1980/

(colored signs made by me, arrows neglected)

My interpretation leads to the following simple result. The picture shows the double rotation. A mass shouldn't only rotate on a circle perimeter, but the circle itself should rotate once more. This way, it produces the g. m. wavequanta as changing fields with this generator. So, since 1986, I am the inventor of the generator of gravitomagnetic waves, of gravitation waves usual for laboratory experiments. Unfortunately, the amount are too small.


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