ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Proof experiments

1. Experiment to the refutation of the modern models of the QED and the QCD

My thesis is: Casimir's effect does not come from so-called "vacuum-fluctuations" but from real particles which I discovered and which properties I predicted: it is caused by proton neutrinos.

The measurement equipment of Casimir's effect should work outside of the space shuttle. In belonging separation to the earth the proton neutrinos should annihilate themselves totally at temperatures below 248.5 K. The pressure on the Casimir-plates should noticeably decrease then, essentially more than the decrease caused by kinetic energy. If it would be caused by vacuum then it had the same energy density at all the positions of the world. If this is not true so these interactions of Casimir's effect are interactions of real particles which are formed in the heat of more than 248.5 K. How far should the shuttle fly? The proton neutrinos must have enough chance for their permanent annihilation. So they have to fly far off the atmospheric influence, far off the shuttle and off the shade of it. In free universe space more proton neutrinos must annihilate than on earth.

It may be possible, the experiment would be made in shielding on earth in a laboratory of cold.


2. Proof of antimass

It is absolutely necessary to prove that positrons have a negative mass. Every present trial was half-hearted because the united field theory wasn't used.

It's possible to prove the antimass by means of the g.m. Lorentz force. With electromagnetic Lorentz force a charge will be forced on a radius in the e.m. field. The same process should be possible with a moved mass in a gravitomagnetic field. Then the antimass will be moving into the contrary curvature of the radius referred to the mass in the field of rotating masses. Such experiments need big masses, positron radiators and precise instruments which I haven't.

3. Protocosm qualities

Superconductors make e.m. protocosms. The stronger the electric current the stronger the curvature of the spacetime gravitationally and electrically. If we will have the strength like necessary those synthetic protocosms will prove the quality of Einstein's theories and of my theory and its solutions. The proofs are: time shift, geodetic lines curvature, mass shift, magnetic shift, electric shift. Today one speaks of "shielding". Think of laying a protocosm between the gravity centers of the earth and of some test body, please, what will happen? O.k., both centers must pass the curvature of geodetic lines of electromagnetism coupled at gravitomagnetism. These lines deviate the exchange quanta of both types of forces. The result is a weakening of the forces, but not only this like seen above. Today you already could observe like a watch would run about 2% more slowly at 2% "shielding".

Make the experiment with not only "shielding" as you expected but additionally you will find the time shift!!

If we'd think at a totally locked protocosm in future we could do the following experiment:

If you put some substances into a closed protocosm, which behavior is similar to a black hole, you will get new life-forms after opening (while state of white hole). Protocosms arise at high energies. For example, at high e.m. energies "Kugelblitze" (spherical flashes) arise from them. These are e.m. protocosms. They include quantizations of all the universal laws. That kind of flash makes the new body of life and sets him into this world. This way, from original soup new life came by "Kugelblitzes". Not only e.m. protocosms are able to create new life forms, but primarily these are the g.m. protocosms. They arise at the impact of particles to each other. If comets had impacts at the earth, then a multiple number of different protocosms were made, which created new life forms by the energy, by the universal law and by the given material. Researchers already have found such a cohesion. But they don't know the causes. So they think the comets themselves would have brought the life here to earth..

4. Possible measurement of particle orbits

In 1990 I found a new constant. This is the electromagnetic effect quantum m . Max Planck found the gravitomagnetic effect quantum h in 1900. Both constants can be calculated into each other. You could think these magnitudes would be one equal magnitude. But if an electron is moved in its orbit then for 1 h of the orbit quantum completely different values are resulting for the combined m B in this orbit: the orbit of 1h has extremely many integer extensions of the elementary m , about 1021 m. From this premise I conclude:

If you try to indicate particle orbits using gravitational particle shoots you will arrive the undermost limit of 1h. Then you only use the gravitational wave energy of the particles for interaction. Free electric charges aren't there, with them we could form a wave which would be independent on the gravitomagnetic wave of the particles. But there must be one trick to produce e.m. waves at least which underrun that 1h of the g.m. wave while uncoupling from it.

I hope that one fox under you will find that problem, if I would not be faster.

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