ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching


Gigantic Structure in Universe

The till now greatest known connected structure in the space astronomers have found in the constellation of Lion: a super heap of galaxies taking an area of more than 600 million lightyears. It has a distance of about 6.5 billion lightyears. Observed from the earth, it takes 40 times the area of a full moon at the sky. Luis Campusano of University Chile and Roger Clowes of University of Central Lancashire in England came on the crept of the gigantic structure, as they discovered a big group of quasars in this sky region - 18 instead of 2 or 3 quasars of such features which are expected in such regions. Quasars are the ultra-bright centers of youthful galaxies. Most of the star systems in these distances are too weak in light to be observed, but quasars mark their positions. Further tracks of galaxies the astronomers found in the spectra of even more distant quasars, which light shines by invisible foreground galaxies, and during this it catches their spectral "dactylograms". If the new super heap would bring the standard theories of the cosmologist to difficulties remains open for that time, because its total mass cannot be estimated till now. If it would be mass-rich, it would be inexplicable, how it could be able to make itself since big bang during some billion years."

Remark: "able to make" still means today with big-bang-theorists - from gas compressed of itself! My theory but has found a system of pre-structures of all the systems of the universe. These structures do not have made themselves from gas. I only give you those questions:

What is in the center of an atom?

What is in the center of a satellite system?

What is in the center of a planetary system?

What is in the center of a galaxy?

What is in the center of a galaxy heap?

What is in the center of the universe?

The answers only my theory can give from its system.

In all these centers is the first opening of the most protocosms forming homogeneity of particles looking like a Big Bang but really being a Small Bang. Only the first bang of an innumerable amount of following bangs installing galaxies und galaxy heaps. Analogy to find in each center of the physical matter.

The observed cloud is the center of the universe and it is the rest of the origin first bang. There you can find the Big Bang. There it is hanging on.



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