ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Energy of Vacuum and Einstein's Lambda-parameter

Following my protocosm-theory, by radiation energy, protocosms will be accelerated to the outside and increased by speed, to the amplitude - coming from the center of their receptacle cosm. That radiation energy comes from those protocosms, which were already exploded in the center and below them.

Let's observe both problems:

Firstly, this radiation energy is as high that the protocosms at the top will be accelerated as far, that they have to overcome the horizon of their receptacle cosm. Then this world of receptacle cosm will be opened into the superordinated hyper-cosm. The receptacle cosm is open now. Its world is flat then. Additional

Secondly, if the radiation energy isn't enough for ejecting the topmost protocosms from their receptacle cosm, then this world is locked.

Such locked worlds should have two features:

a) they are programmed from the inside to be stable and locked forever. Then they are convergent and completely locked, eternally oscillating cosms - stable particles.

b) they are programmed from the outside to be just open. Then they are divergent cosms, which aren't locked completely - unstable cosms and protocosms.

We see: The strength of inflation is dependent on the strength of the radiation. Radiation energy spreads over the vacuum. Recognize: It itself is that vacuum-energy of waves, which makes the importance of the lambda-parameter and which controls the inflation.

Lambda-parameter in equal state shows that state of wave-energy of vacuum, at which the cosm is locked and oscillating. If L-parameter turns down, so it expresses, that the energy has increased as strongly (supported from outside), that the particle cosm has to oscillate faster. So it became unstable, heavier and smaller. If L-parameter turns above, it shows the existence of opening unstable particle cosms resp. of expanding protocosms, too.

Any mystery at L-parameter and at energy of vacuum, I cannot see! In vacuum there aren't any mysterious energies apart from e.m. waves and gravitational waves (the g.m. waves)!

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