ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

My Briefly Preaching of God in 1998

God grips with his tools - the protocosms (Dark Gray Holes) - into the space, which is filled with an ideal medium. He builds it stratum for stratum of the material universe, galaxy for galaxy, light for light, lives for lives.

After he has piled up the maximum of it, he dismantles the layers again. So the impression results of an up movement of mass. It grows in weight and extension; it falls in its physically ponderable mass and its elongation. Everything in space follows the same rules of the oscillation and its spatial distribution. Through this, everything gets its spatial specifications. So we are programmed 3d-holograms in a gigantic 3d-hologram, which reconciles innumerable structures with each other. But it is not unfinite. Every holographic program unity has been described as a protocosm (PK) by me. It originates from my oscillator solution of the General Relativity Theory in its last form from the year 1987.

This is the way like PK work as packer or zipper. They pack organized programmatically matter inside themselves. They transport the contents with almost light velocity to the place at which it is unpacked as a galaxy or down broken to a bacterium. They can fly as fast, because they are extremely light. As ZIP they weigh a little bit. However, they drag much of this inside. They then install the star topologies and any life in space.

These installed objects or subjects move themselves just with low speed. If a universe-PK opens up, its extreme gravitation turns from extreme red shift to the lower shift of the spectrum. This is the reason of the illusion of an escape velocity of galaxies.

One could describe the PK also like in the Bible as the hands of God. No life comes from the trifle, no program has arisen. Everything was provided into the PK and by the PK. Of course, they are changeable. In this respect, the illusion of a coincidental evolution arises again from this. But there is not such an evolution.

The world is a concert of hamonically synchronized oscillating circuits and the exchange wavequanta between those oscillating circuits.

The oscillating circuits are as following: the universe as receptacle of all the vibrations. The "elementary" particles as non-elementary contents. The structures from particles, atoms, molecules and complex compounds; the cells of living beings; the planets and their satellites; the stars; the galaxies and their special groups.

They all vibrate spatially and spherically between each a radial minimum and maximum. It is comparable with the heart, the balloon, a hand-pump, the lungs etc. Spatially expansion and contraction are the perpetual operations. The result are spherical Tesla waves.

While these vibrations, the environment receives spatial waves. These waves have an new name here: exchange wavequanta. An exchange wave transports the energy, the angular momentum and the information between the oscillators like between mobile telephones.

Scientifically, it will be named as following: between the oscillators being wavequantum producers - at the same time being wave transmitters and wave receivers - wavequanta are exchanged permanently. This procedure can lead to a stable equilibrium but also to the shift of the positions and of the speed of the oscillators as well as to the shift of the resonance frequency of the oscillators and then to the change of the qualities of those oscillators/ resonators.  The spherical Tesla waves have a turn direction from which their polarity results. The polarity is not reversible anymore at primary elementary particles of matter because they are vibrating radially with vacuum light velocity. Particles of our ordinary matter and the antiparticles of the antimatter result from these processes. At lower speeds, the polarities are reversible.

This is the basic principle of the universe. From it, all the things are derived. It seems to be essentially more complicated from the first view.

I did not solve the General Relativity Theory in a new way completely. No, I also didn't solve the Quantum Theory completely. Both theories are isolated and still standing photos of the world. They are not totally correct. I showed the interpretation errors and I gave an additional solution of the GRT showing that its argument is correct that the world is permanently oscillating.  I went my way, which was given by Einstein, who wanted to find an "additional supposition" leading to the unification of both theories into the Unified Field Theory, that should explain the world effects better. But I did not need some additional supposition as Einstein hoped, I needed two of them:

1. Elementary Particles are Oscillating Circuits Transmitting and Receiving Wavequanta. There is Not any Dual Nature of the Physical Matter! It only is possible to prove these wavequanta, because they alone reflect the momenta and their actions between each other. Consequently, you directly cannot localize or prove the elementary particles. Such a particle hit on a screen never is the image of the particle itself, but it is just the reflection image of the interactions of the wavequanta! The Quantum Theory bases just on a wrong fundamental idea, namely that the image of the electron stream at a screen has to be distinguished into corpuscle hits and wave effects (interpretation error of the dual-split-experiment). From this mistake, the dual nature of the matter was founded, which was represented then as statistics of the unity of wave and corpuscle/ particle. Statistics as a helping medium of mathematics is o. k. But the reality is not any statistics. It is the separation of wavequatum and particle being two separated states having special and single tasks! I proved this exactly. 

2. The Packing Law of Nature as First Principle of the World. The Creator packed his universal program using a hierarchy of packages (universe, elementary particles and protocosms). Elementary particles are also oscillating Black White Holes or Darkgray Holes at the same time, which special quality is that they show their oscillation energy as their external mass while, at the inside,  they show a lot of energy or / and mass packing as it was zipped. I myself discovered these oscillating Black White Holes as the oscillators/ resonators or the oscillating circuits of the physical matter being the particles, being the pre-particles, being the universe itself and being different features of cosms. The internal mass M of a cosm does not act to the outside therefore, but it is internally packed by the totally curved coordinate system. This three-dimensional system is also packed away. Only the fourth coordinate connects all those cosms on their outside. Externally, only the mass m acts being the result of the oscillation of the complete cosmos as a sphere. This way, Tesla waves result then in the form of spheres. They are exchanged between all the oscillators. The gravitation is the result of the general exchange in the physical matter. Therefore, according to my solutions, the gravitation is not a pure geometry but an exchange force. I found this mathematical and elementary packing law as first in this world. 

I didn't find just the mistakes of the old theories. I found a Primary Law of Nature by its packing principle when I tried to calculate this problem. Characterizing the relation of external and internal states in some cosms, I found a New Constant. I used this constant calculating the coupling between both nucleons. I got exactly this value, which was known by physics a long time ago on base of measurements and  approximation calculus. But this value never was given by such a simple and clear theoretic way as now using my model. All the things of this world correspond to my Cosm Principle and the Packing Law: e. g. the brain, the flower buds, the living beings, the seeds, the inner organs, the organic cells, the genes, the eyes, ... simply everything. Inside, there is something packed away what you cannot simply watch externally, may be you disturb these things. And all the things vibrate on their own way.

Since 1987, I know this packing law of nature. I independently published it but never recognized by the official physics. Nobody takes notice about this important law of nature. No scientific journal was ready to publish my article No. 5 (page 4 - 7, equ. 5). The reasons were: "implausible physics and a wrong English" (naturally, there were some English mistakes of the manuscript, which one had simply to correct). This procedure shows the monstrous censorship of the ruling group of physicists. Free physics and free research aren't possible anymore! I learned English in 1967 for 3 years. That's all. I never spoke an English man.

I still found something quite decisive about that all things in this world are spatial! Yes, also the dependences of each other, also the chains and combinations of the destinies and chances. However, this also means that the butterfly wing stroke on an Alpine pasture meadow absolutely does not change anything in the destiny of the further development of the world. It does not have considerable influence on the further event, because of the triviality of its energy in the "destiny-space". This is important to know. A point-like action (a tiny action) have not enough wavequantum energy to change a spatial appearance - to change the way of any cosm!


Our image of the Creation does not base on the mistakes of the Historical & Philosophical Idealism but on the evolution of the universe, which is running as a Program of the Creator. The real accident is the result of arbitrariness. At the program of 2 bodies, it has a contribution of less than 10%. More than 90% are providence. Though, this hits just the problem of only two bodies of this world. In our multiple variety of those universal bodies (about 10e+178), which are dependent on each other, the part of the accident runs successively down to such a small amount that it can be neglected. The free will is an illusion. You can think with free will. But there is no chance to realize it. Just leaders, equal at which sectors (state or party), always have the chance to win freedom of their will on cost of their members in that measurement how the sum of the freedom of the members is decreasing!

The website of the investigation of the Creation is this, where you just are reading:  https://www.arcusuniverse.com . There you can find the complete preaching, too. High scientific knowledge is necessary.

Arcus is my pseudonym of the freelance writer and private researcher Heinz-Joachim Ackermann. The concept "Arcus" stands for the word "bend" or subsequently senses "curved lines" at the same time. This concept is a general vocabulary of the world community. It cannot be secured for a single product as brand.

The discovery of the Unified Field Theory being my model of Universe and my solutions as well as my extrapolations of the solutions are subject to the copyright protection as they were represented by me in the web since 1998. I am in the possession of own documents and of documents of persons, who evidentially explain in actuality in front of court that I have published my theories and my solutions since 1987 at a time when worldwide nobody thought at a separation from Waves and Particles seriously, when nobody still could present a complete world model, which was based on the principle: everything oscillates, primarily but the universe! The copyright is valid up to 75 years after my death. 

I exclude those scientists and scholars known by myself, who have approached the concrete reality from another side of the violation of my copyright without having my solution. This applies e. g. to Paul Schmidt, who found the biologic resonance, which can describe this world like me from the most general theory mathematically, because the universe runs this way actually. This also applies to other engineers and inventors, who haven't found the "Unified Field Theory" but only the base of their researches on the acceptance and on observations of the principle "The World Oscillates". So e. g. also for www.universal-prinzip.de, the web domain of Rolf K. Böttner. Do not to forget to come back!

Certain esoterics and religious scholars publish books, in which they put forward assertions, which are similar to my basic concept of the universe. Since they cannot present the complete field model to the unity of the Relativity Theory and the Quantum Theory, their statements are more prophetic ways, and they are not to be understood as competition to me.

Dark Matter? What a nonsense is this, again? Please, have a look at https://www.no-quarks.com "The Book Arcus V".


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