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The Preaching

There was an e-mail of Jean de Climont with the following link: The origin of magnetic fields

His experiments especially prove that there are no monopolar charges in this world. Each interaction seems to be only an interaction of dipole fields, of magnets. Magnetic interaction induce magnetic effects. Moved electric charge does not induce a magnet field. Just the own magnetical effects of the electrons make the secondary magnetical effects. The IOT showed this already in the year 1987!

So I answered as follows:

Dear Sir de Climont,

many thanks for your information. Here I give you my answer.

Yours sincerely

Heinz-Joachim Ackermann (Arcus) from Germany, 17th March, 2018

Some excerpts of Unified Theory of Fields (named Ideal Oscillator Theory, IOT, by Heinz-Joachim Ackermann, 1987)

A very simple sight results from the IOT on the problem of fields.

First here is the previous opinion, which caused partly from present exotic theories even about Big Bang etc.:

Moving electric charges form (electrically) magnetic fields. Right hand rule is guilty.

(Unproved, but predicted by IOT: Gravitational charges (masses) would form a (gravito-) magnetic field. To this, however, one still has not found any results. Hypothetically, these fields disappear behind the fields of the electrition around decades. They will become more effective at gigantic masses as well as in the case of stars. The rotation fields form dipoles. They are bound to each other in this universe by the electro-gravitational parallelism.)

Provided that particles are not loaded electrically (gravitationally they are it anyway), they still have magnetic moments even in the neutral status.

However, these are only taken exactly opinion models. They disprove neither the Maxwell equations nor the Lorentz equation.

The truth looks quite different. It is verbally even simply explicable without equations. One can imagine this even in front of the eyes. Please follow me!

In our world there are theoretically given electric and gravitational charges! They are always coupled to each other.

First explicit magnetic fields are not assumed, because these model fields are derived from monopolar electrical or gravitational fields!

Example: Electric charges. An elementary electric charge is an elementary cosmos of my IOT. First, it is not a point, but a cosmos following General Relativity Theory. Second, it is not stationary, but it oscillates spatially like a pulsation of a spherical surface. But not as easy as you think at the first look. That one elementary cosmos can be measured as oscillating at the outside, inside some matter has to be rotating. This way a first rotation must be created for Creation of the World! First rotation seems to be a monopolar function. No, it is primary a dipole function coupled with the others, that they cannot be uncoupled without overcoming vacuum light velocity in its primary rotation field. Monopoles are unreal models!

Yes, also static forces are results of rotation forces, of dipole forces, but inseparably coupled. Coupled, so that positive and negative charges have absolutely forces to each other (repulsion, attraction). Also in gravitation. Therefore I predicted: anti-gravitation between antiparticles. Without primary rotation, it would be absolutely impossible to explain basic forces as I do. Though magnets are primary functions.

In such a way each elementary cosmos (e-charge, proton, electron etc.) oscillates “all over” (into 2 hemispheres) with a certain frequency into the space at its surface. The swinging speed and the exchange speed are equal to vacuum light velocity.

The frequency is as high that it forms the electrostatic force. However, by the fact that it fits into every known gravitational particle cosmos, consequently this e-cosmos is extremely small. So it is coupled in it. However, it does not simply rest - it is rotating inside of its micro-cosmos (or of any cosmos – this solution is general in universe).

The electrostatic force is derived from the exchange momenta of these e-wavequanta in the IOT, (electric exchange quanta), which this e-cosmos is permanently sending out and receiving back from the others. The system behaves itself stably as long as just as momenta are received and sent (exchange momenta). These are primary momenta (pri-momentum is proportional to resting mass (resting charge) x light velocity in vacuum x primary amplitude).

E-wavequanta are consequently exchanged between e-charges in this form of spherical shock waves. This exchange is primarily the exchange of bipolar shock wave quanta. It is all over even provided that the charges rest relatively. Is it known of the behavior of electrostatic charges but also of the gravitation working into all directions in such a way as if it continues in the ball sphere.

If we regard the wavequanta as projectiles with light velocity, which are sent and received ongoingly, then a stable and resting exchange field arises in the space between two relatively resting charges. This field may not be considered as a world ether as often done, however. The vacuum consists of particles and antiparticles, therefore of cosmoses and anti-cosmoses. An exchange quantum only can go through the vacuum quanta with vacuum light velocity, too. If the oscillating sender is accelerated against the resting environment then frequency is increasing into infinity following special relativity of Einstein.

As soon as one of the resting e-charges is moved, however, in line or in a rotation, the exchange quanta are moved. They add directional motion momenta (sec-momentum is proportional to moving mass (charge) x relative speed x secondary amplitude), to their primary momenta. These are not field lines. This spin also does not originate from a so-called "world ether" but of the momenta of the directional motion of the primary exchange quanta.

A rotating electron really creates the model of a magnetic dipole by a momentum transposition to both sides of the rotation plane, which forms a kind of funnel of the exchange quanta on both sides. The cannon shoots exchange quanta into the circle. This circle observed from both positions makes the phenomenon of dipole.

At the north pole a positive charge rotates around to the right in the funnel observed from below. It rotates round to the left observed at the North Pole from above. This momentum transposition of the primary electric wave quantum exchange by primary dipoles forms the effect of secondary magnet dipoles. So the magnetism is a model of reality. There are no monopoles in reality. Just it seems so.

So one must keep the models. They are not wrong. They let themselves be used mathematically. But now from this premise to jump to conclusions on the impossibility of the Big Bang, of Black Holes and of the relativity theories is uncalled-for, however.

(By the way: Relativity is not a correct model, if one takes the word relativity absolutely. In this world some relativity only is possible if there is an absolute system at which each movements can be orientated, so I say. Is this the ether? Yes, and no. Vacuum is an ether. I have an article in the start of my theory about the momentum-transfer-velocity. These equations in IOT are the death of common relativity, but not the death of the equations of relativity theories. It only is a misunderstanding. I think there are many of misunderstandings in physics and philosophy of universe, therefore so many scientist want to make wrong all theories of Einstein completely. But at each thing is part of truth.)

In this way also an elementary electric charge itself just rotates in the elementary gravitational electron so that the electron has a transposition of the exchange quanta even around itself in the direction of the rotation plane. This is its electron-spin. All universal systems are rotation systems!

So this transposition follows the rotation plane. It does not represent any field lines, but the reality. The reality stands consequently vertically on the field lines of the dipole, resp. the reality is rotating itself with the rotating charges in the rotation plane.

Provided that a charge does not rotate but only runs over a hypothetical straight, it starts to shift its own exchange field by just shifting its electric exchange quanta.

Each shifting itself is able to shift other charges what one calls induction. Cause: The motion momenta with their direction sense of their exchange quanta are added to the resting momenta.

Analogies exist to the gravitation.

Now we come to the “world ether” which does not exist in that historical shape.

The exchange quantities of the electrition and the gravitation in which the primary spatial shock waves can be continued, only can spread because there is a medium for them. This medium is the vacuum. The total vacuum is free of real particles, like electric charges and gravitational particles, but it is not an empty space.

The vacuum consists of particles and antiparticles (microcosms and anti-microcosms). It works as zero to the outside. It has both positive and negative effects to inside which have split up by the continuous wave quanta for a short time for themselves. The "world ether" in this respect is nothing else but the vacuum of all cosmoses. It explains the IOT.

So the cosmoses eternally exist, just in balanced form of their effects. The velocity of spreading is nevertheless vacuum light velocity in their inside, furthermore. Not one single meter per second more! The IOT consequently cannot follow the ideas which want to apportion a higher or really unlimited velocity of spreading through the “world ether” now.

I therefore speak about the reality with electrition waves and gravitational waves as primary waves. Secondarily however, one can speak about electromagnetic waves (e. m.) and gravitomagnetic waves (g. m.). The one are descended of the electrition the others from the gravitation.

This has to be followed consequently because a mass particle is also a pulsating cosmos. It sends a special type of shock waves, which statically creates the gravitational force by exchange quanta analogously to the electrition. Motions of the masses twist the motions of the exchange quanta. Gravitomagnetic secondary effects arise. They form the gravitomagnetic dipole field. It is dipole field - but a rotating funnel field in the reality - a co-taking field for all other fields in the environment! There is no remote effect but an approaching effect by transmitting within the vacuum quanta, and it is only possible with that maximum vacuum light velocity.

More you cannot find in this case. Each other forces are deduced from these both forces whether in universe, in the microcosms, in the sub-cosmoses or inside of the protocosms those I predicted (instead of black and white holes and wormholes).

So the Big Bang is a reality even if it was only a Small Bang. Although this Mini Bang has left the background radiation and a gigantic gas ball in the center of the universe. However, this little center-bang has not created the whole universe. But innumerable further bangs have created galaxies respectively galaxy heaps.

Your publication shows: Something is not correct. I see this.

Following my  unified field theory, IOT (www.arcusuniverse.com), the electron charge is already a magnetic field, a primary one. Then the intrinsic field inside of the electron made by the rotating primary dipole (the charge) is the first result – but also a magnetic field. Then the induced magnetic fields secondarily are the results of moving (shifted or rotating) dipole fields of the intrinsic field. And so on. Your experiments prove that there are no monopole charges in this world. They prove however a part of my theory. More I do not see to this time.

In IOT the special relativity theory SRT, the general relativity theory, the original quantum theory, the original light quantum theory are preconditions of the complex explanation of the world. Within these premises the appreciation of any phenomena of the universe is added which led to hypotheses like to the Big Bang, black holes in galaxy centers, to dark matter, to the inflation of the universe and to different crude theories. If one interpret them differently in agreement with the solutions of IOT the puzzles of universe are simply solved.

This theory, the IOT, which describes the universe as an oscillating hierarchy of dark grey holes which form themselves quickly, fly and explode fast is not accepted of established science.

That “packing principle” which is inherent in the IOT (like a Russian matryoshka principle) is not respected until today. The theory of the black holes, followed by theories of wormholes and white holes are not transformed into theories of reality, where dark grey holes form themselves within a finite time, fly away then extremely fast and then open up in a short time.

Additionally, structures on surfaces of planets, which are similar to each other and similar to the zones of our sun, aren’t made by “world ether”. They come from the quantizations of protocosms, which create every object and subject on the world beginning with galaxies, stars, planets, satellites, sub-satellites and further subs deep and deeper until the protozoa, viruses, chemical compounds and the elementary particles. The laws of making them are the same!

Just this reality of the IOT opens up the appreciation of the phenomena in universe, if there just is a primary structure which determinates all the other things of mass, energy and information. Nothing comes from nothing! Everything is connected with each other! Everything is programmed in portions, in so-called quantizations. Everything is packed in this world. Everything is inside of informational systems, above all our universe.

It is actually easily to follow my IOT presupposed a corresponding understanding. This theory makes it unnecessary to search for alternative primary solutions.

Using IOT many fields of new search ways are opening up. There is work for thousand years.

Yours sincerely


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