ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
The Time as fourth Dimension?

What is a dimension? Here different explanations are given.

Firstly, you see a physical magnitude being a dimension.

Secondly, the number of coordinates is explained as dimension for the description of the space.

I have recognized, that the space-coordinates x, y and z explain and make each of the other physical dimension if they are immediately bound to their time functions tx, ty and tz and if they form a system of oscillating or vibrating states. This they are doing because the worlds consist of waves and oscillators!

While each velocity is basically bound to the functions of r = v t, the relation is given, too: light velocity = wave length / period time = amplitude / radial oscillation time of a spherical wave (spherical Tesla-wave) = c = l / t = Ro / to. Mass and energy, my theory explains only to be a function of spherical oscillation of both space and time. Therefore, there the time is not the fourth coordinate, but a magnitude which is coupled at these three space coordinates which are exchangeable against them. The world would have only three coordinates if it would not consist of locked worlds, of particles (additionally, of subparticles as locked sub-worlds) and if it wouldn't be itself a locked and oscillating particle as macrocosm. Do you ask why?

The total border of a world forces its coordinate system to return inside of this world. Another interpretation: All the coordinates are just as curved, that they - seen along larger and universal distances - turn around and that they do not run into eternity!

Imagine, x, y and z would make a cuboid continually getting larger. The sites don't stay straight. The larger a cuboid the more crooked are his sites. Sometimes, somewhere - in cosmos at about 6 billion light years following my theory - they have reached a circular arc which takes the way back to the starting point. This way, the cuboid itself becomes a sphere at last. I say then: All the body shapes are inside of the big universe sphere. The sphere is a three-dimensional body. Even, if you choose polar coordinates, you have to give three magnitudes: the length of the ray and two angles, which lead the ray.

If two worlds are totally isolated from each other, because each world has its own internal coordinate system, then you cannot travel between both worlds. And but there must be a fourth coordinate, which couples the system of all the worlds into a superordinated world. This again is a coordinate from way and time, but which are bound with the imaginary magnitude j in the equations.:

Ri=c jti or Ri= - cti. If you want to extract the root from it to get a clear description of the space-coordinate R, so you only get Ri = c j ti. This means, that such a coordinate Ri is not equal to the well-known space-coordinate R, which we can measure inside of our cosmos. Along just this forth dimension, all the relatively elementary cosms are given together in a receptacle cosm of higher function, which has a higher coordinate system of three dimensions again, but which aren't equal to the dimensions of the elementary cosms. This makes a complicated hierarchy of cosms! But the combining dimension of the elementary cosms is always relatively just the forth dimension, but never a higher dimension, may be, you count the hierarchy-planes; this means, you count how deep do the cosm hierarchies run completely.

Using three hierarchy-planes, there would be five dimensions. The first feature of cosms is three-dimensional. To exceed it, there is the fourth dimension. Then we are in the receptacle cosm or in the superordinated cosm. All such cosms are forming a bigger receptacle cosm, this way the fifth dimension. But this kind of counting has no real sense because the coordinate systems do not come out of each other continuously.

Muons are my witnesses in this link.

Why do today's scientists interpret, that the time would be the fourth coordinate?

Obviously, they start from the following thinking. Till now, you could surely measure a way coordinate. Since Einstein's relativity this coordinate is dependent on the speed. Along increasing velocity, the time can be dilated or shortened relatively to the observer's position. Totally obviously, you mean now, that the time would go just a totally different extension than the way coordinate. Consequently, it should be another dimension, namely the fourth. This thinking is supported by the opinion, the increasing speed would shorten the way coordinate.

Following my theory, there the observer's positions were not seen correctly. The dilation of a time step means the run of less time and it does not mean a longer time. Way shortening really means the run of less way. So the time-dilation and the way-shortening are the same change, namely the common reduce of the dimensions of time and way.

Recognizing this, you please should read my articles 21 and 28. You will see there, that the exchange of observer's positions makes it possible to give a relativity, which is able to be calculated, but which hat no sense - in my example: the flying with warp speed, because you never has been flying this kind, but you only can calculate so.

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