ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Example of complicated and total relativity:

I'm flying with a spaceship. Its velocity can increase quickly on travel speed. It amounts then 99.9999999999% of vacuum light velocity.

At first I set this term into the root of Einstein's term:

g = 1/ (1-v/c) = 707107.

The gamma factor is about 700000. What does is mean all together?

I have to fly a round of a little less than 700000 light years. Finishing this way I return back to the earth.

On earth are gone 700000 years. The light had overcome 700000 years in this time and that way for that time: 700000 light years or 61021 meters.

On board the time of one year was gone for me: so 700000 years divided by the gamma factor.

And now here is the list of relativities:

I calculate: During the one year I have overcome about 700000 light years of my way. Therefore I have flown with about 700000 times light velocity.

The earth men calculate: He is flown next to 700000 light years in 700000 years. So he was near the light velocity in vacuum.

God calculates: He was missing 700000 years on earth. So he had taken a complete time step of 700000 years for one single year. Just like this, he has taken the way step of 700000 light years for this one single way step of one year. The way was also shortened. Therefore he has flown next to vacuum light velocity.

The little devil on board calculates for me: You are just one year on travel. It seems for you, hardly time and way are gone. The light would have overcome just one light year in one year. Therefore you are only flown next to light speed, namely one board year divided by one board way of one year.

Referred to travel speed, they are 3:1 against me. Am I flown with 700000 times light speed or am I not?

Certainly, I'm not flying with this speed. In vacuum one cannot be faster than the allowed light velocity in passing of vacuum quanta. If the vacuum would be really nothing then this would be naturally possible. The real vacuum consists of compensated matter (remark: we, on earth, don't seem to know the real vacuum light velocity, because we have measured this speed in the area of proton neutrino clouds. Each particle thins the vacuum and leads to decrease of light speed.)

Therefore only the relationship of the observer positions against each other gives the result of the apparent warp speed. If one only remains at the position of one observer, never light velocity will be exceeded. However to all weariness, it is mathematically possible to expect warp speed as relationship. But even modern experiments could not disprove Einstein's theory at a difference of group and phase velocity. Causality, too, doesn't be shifted at experiments of Lijun J. Wang and colleagues of NEC Research Institute, Princeton, New Jersey (Bild der Wissenschaft, 10/2000, p 13, Licht schneller als Licht).

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