ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Red shift of galaxy spectrum and of background radiation

All the main-stream physicists believe in the thesis: the Doppler effect causes the red shift of background radiation watched in universe. One of some scientists does not do so - that is me.

Let's remark: Scientists have found sound waves, which should be descended from the "big bang" and which should especially prove it. 

Stop! Well, even, if this bang was just a small bang (like I myself assert), which remained next to the ground, so we can observe the background radiation as radio waves and also a sound-wave-background. There is no difference to a big bang but intensity we do not know how deep it had to be. 

You see: Such kind of observations aren't any proof that you can make equal the opening of that multiple number of protocosms with the general and single explosion - with the "big bang".

The evolution of protocosms, resulting from equations of my theory, does not support a universe of escaping galaxies! No, absolutely, the galaxies are installed and standing still while installation. Why? Is such an idea not a total nonsense? Red shift shows to a maximum speed next to light velocity, but not to a resting matter.

Much more, there is an evolution of density in universe! Evolution of density inside of each protocosm, of each Darkgray Hole.

A Black Hole is an ideal thing. It takes infinite time to close it completely. It is just the same thing like reaching light velocity by accelerating any mass. You never reach really light velocity. And so you never reach die gravitational horizon of a theoretic Black Hole!!! Do you understand it? 

Therefore in universe there is not one single real Black Hole! But there are innumerable Darkgray Holes (DH). They - the DH - are realities. They form themselves by collapse in real time periods dilated naturally by the falling velocity next to light velocity in vacuum. A DH does not reach the black-hole-state. Inside of it while collapsing sub-protocosms are formed - so called Sub-DH. Inside of Sub-DH or sub-protocosms are formed the sub-sub- protocosms. This is a hierarchy which ends at a single elementary particle destabilized by energy. This end is hardly to discover. In this way, the substructure of deep structure is pre-programmed in the whole universe. Nothing comes from nothing. Everything comes from the things before.

And now the red shift simple explanation: A DH is opening itself by sending out the sub-DH at its surface. The rest cannot close the DH. Its density was decreasing by the escape of the sub-DH! As the density reaches such a value at which the light can be decoupled from the matter, it is comming free, but just with a red shift of an giant value. 

Repeating, this is the way: DH is incompletely closed. Red shift of radiation is next to infinite. Then it opens by the escape of sub-DHs! Red shift is decreasing continuously. In the end you see the new galaxy formation ready in its own deep red shift, but standig in universe. This red shift is added to the red shift of die complete universe and its first center protocosmos. Therefore I think, all the galaxies are much closer than somebody assumes.

Red is not a sign of velocity, but a sign of density inside of an opening Darkgray Hole!! Do you understand this, now?

How can change of protocosms being open mass and being locked mass make a change of density?

This time a protocosm is just formed out from collapsing masses, the sum of these masses makes an internal mass of that divergent black hole state. But this internal mass does not act to the outside, because mass forces - the gravitation - is explained as exchange of gravitation quanta of my theory. Curvature is a problem of the other side of the medal. The first side is the force as exchange process. A divergently locked horizon of such a divergent black hole state DH cannot be passed by wave quanta. Only a very small quantity can leave it. So we must find another explanation for the external acting mass. This is caused by the vibration which produces a new external feature of quantum. Planck's constant multiplied with frequency of vibration is equal to the energy. If you divide this energy by light velocity square, you will find the mass. 

This mass is the smaller the bigger the protocosm state is. More radius (amplitude), less frequency and less mass at the outside! All right?

The constant for the change of external mass into internal mass is equal about to 4x10-16 kg². Dividing this constant by some internal mass, for example the mass of our sun of 2x1030 kg, you get the extremely small external mass of that protocosm, including the collapse mass of the sun: just 5x10-47 kg. Ten high minus forty seven kilogram! This is less than the mass of any neutrino. Such an object can fly faster than a neutrino. Here you have the "escape" velocity - but not coupled at galaxies, coupled at protocosms!

If the center of universe is filled with the only rotations of protocosms, the mass of universe is very small, but packed off. While the opening phase of rising protocosms, the mass will be ejected. The highest density is in the center. While the elongation of the universe up to its amplitude, every history light has got its freedom at a time when the density was higher than later. That light has to pass then the areas of thinning of density during the universe is having its evolution upwards. General relativity theory makes the red shift on light exactly dependent on the expanding world radius. This is the coherence. Density is thinning, and light rays are running along shifted to red in this meantime!

It also means: The mass near the beginning in the central cloud of homogeneity was denser, but it was not the complete mass, which you could observe if you would look at this one point of the time at the amplitude of universe, when all the mass was unpacked. So main-stream physicists look unsuccessfully for mass to cause the oscillating universe.

Additionally, physicists observed a period where the so-called inflation had to be running. They call exotic theories by quantum mechanics and lambda term change. But all these constructions are wrong. The event of an inflation is such a simple result: while the central and first protocosms of external more and internal less mass were opening themselves by anticollapse and radiating the first annihilation rays, the externally lighter protocosms with internally more mass were just on their way with a little more speed next and above to their heavier brothers which were just exploding. What will happen? You need not to be a scientist to understand, that the gigantic radiation fire of the first will accelerate the other. Therefore, they will overcome a long way before opening themselves, now in larger distances from each other. This is the real reflection of the world! And the masses in the centers of protocosms will be homogeneous and gigantic clouds of gas in their center the collapsing protocosms. Therefore all kinds of living come from this program, a galaxy as also a turtle, a spider or we ourselves.

Physicists of main-stream don't know the laws for causing this universe! Hope, they will find it out.

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