ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Look at Energy of Vacuum and Einstein's Lambda-parameter, too.

In the meantime Nobel-Prize 2011 was given to the discovery of increasing red shift and so-seeming increasing expansion of universe following the wrong interpretation as never ending inflation of universe. Given to a mistake!

The inflation of universe was not correctly explained on base of observations linearly understood!

Ask yourself, please: Why do scientists think of lambda parameter like a mystify state shift? Dark matter they have constructed to this. All their theories are caused on mysteries of chaos and assumptions and preconditions. Not one closed line leads to a complete knowledge. Everything has been remained a riddle!

But my theory doesn't. Its solution explains the inflation of universe coming out from the complete system of equations and solutions of my theory without contradictions. Let's look if we can shortly explain the thing here without using equations.

Important: Black Holes of my theory solutions are divergently locked black-white holes! So they are never really black! This way, they are never completely closed. Therefore they open themselves after a short time getting explosions of  white holes. These are forming out the structures of the universe.


Absolutely, there was no Big Bang! A Small Bang was running first before many other Small bangs were following. The first sended energy and mass from the center of universe. This gigantic energy of the nearly homogeneous radiation arised since this moment. From the same center but not only came that Small Bang, but an innumerable amount of extremely dense bodies laying onto the central Small Bang. They was accelerated by the first free energy until they themselves were exploding and forming up the structures at the homogeneous central body. This way, looking strictly formally and linearly the universe seems to be accelerated while its expansion, and it seems to do it presently if you do not cancel the premise of Big Bang, Everything should be coming from the hypothetical Big Bang. But it is not! Consequently the structures are layed on layer by layer. The illusory picture deceives the observer. Because the complete mass of universe is enough to close it. But not by return of expansion or just simply by a complete fall down. Because there were never a complete rising up, but a piling up of the structures. Therefore there will be a piling down of layers of structures disappearing into the Black Holes and flying into the center of universe come together with the others, but not uniting with them. Layer by layer from above to below, just the same way they were built up before. This is the only logic of this real world! You can fill a one door store just by storage in which the last will be the first who will be coming out. The last, these are the layers above in universe. They will be the first which will be piled down - invisibly for the Nobel-Prize-Winner! How long will it take that you will see the reality?

Expanded explanation:

What do you think about "big bang" was not big but "small"? Then the initial cloud of hydrogen could not reach present magnitudes. Before we explain where the matter laying above this small bang comes from, we will look what chance of expanding the small bang has. Every scientist knows that if the complete matter we observe today would have exploded in past by "big bang", it never could reach the extension of the present universe. So they found that there must have happened an inflation process. If there wasn't such an inflation, the cold cloud would have stopped on about less than tenth of the present perimeter. Then it were falling to create a black hole at the center and an environment which is covered by cold hydrogen. This really might be the present gigantic core of the gravitational universe how I predict it. Scientist don't know how the galaxy matter came above such a core if not immediately from this core directly. And so they created the premise of inflation of that cold matter accelerated by itself mysterious varying of lambda parameter of Einstein's general relativity theory. All scientist including myself believe that something must be there what has made the matter laying on such a core of the first bang. Present scientists have no complete answer because they have no united field theory.

And now we come back to our small bang. Is the red shift a different thing, when the bang was a little smaller? No, it doesn't, it has a smaller intensity. But nobody knows the necessary intensity for explaining the complete thing. Let us stop here and assume that the small bang makes to see our background radiation. Where do we come from if not from the small bang? Imagine that the complex of structures at the beginning of the bang would have prepared some further bangs. These balls would lay a little more fare away from the first bang programmed to be the small bang. Then this first bang would accelerate the structures of the further bangs and they would fly up into the vacuum-sky prepared to be the space for extending particles. Every secondary bang is the intrinsic start of the birth of a galaxy heap or of the structure made from Hubble bubbles.

If you want to know how the secondary bangs are able to be accelerated by the first bang and how they can fly so long to reach the present elongation of our universe, you have to learn what protocosms are and after what calculation they are changing between their states to be phenomena of less mass and opening to phenomena of very big masses of galaxies, so-called non-stationary black-white holes.

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