ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Where do the structures of universe come from?

Present scientists think, first there was a homogeneity of gas, then it was collecting itself and then it was accidentally taking structures. They are introducing mathematical models made by probability theory. These scientists think about an "early" universe of gas only.

But we never need to do so. Homogeneity of some gas in the universe center did not have an evolution to those structures of cells we can observe today.

We don't have to say an "early" universe. Better we must call this state the small universe at the beginning. What is the difference, first it seems to be without it? The difference is small, but extremely important for all the following science:

To this time in that central gas, born from the central protocosms, more protocosms were flying up with the task to install bigger structures laying above this central cloud of homogeneity.

What things are protocosms? A protocosm is a non-stationary black-white hole. Non-stationary means, it is closing during a process of collapse. But this state does not lock completely. The theoretical black hole will not be reached, but divergently reached dependent on collapse energy. A state which is not locked and which is not a black hole completely is able to expand and to decay, because it's unstable. This state is well-known under the hypothetical concept "white hole". Here we have the combination: the divergent black hole reaches an area of returning caused by internal evolution by internal vibration, and then it changes into a white hole. First it had a collapse before. Then it has an anticollapse, when all the quantized structures are ejected with gigantic energy radiations (quasars and GRBs).

Do you want to read about this state in my theory and its solutions, here is  list about them.

For quick information:

See, small protocosms carry a small storage of mass and energy. A gigantic lot of small protocosms explodes in the center of the universe in the first phase of its installation. Among them, the bigger features of protocosms are flying up. Time after time and step by step, these protocosms are opened having an anticollapse. This way the structures do not come from the central gas, installed by the very small protocosms, but from the successively bigger protocosms! And this way there was not one big bang but an innumerable quantity of bangs called anticollapses. At last, this kind of evolution was not a total expanding of the whole universe with escaping galaxies. The universe was installed step by step. On the first layer of gas the second layers of gas bodies were given. No escaping velocity! On a lot of layers of gas some times a layer of small galaxies was given etc. No galaxy was escaping! All the installed objects are resting just at this time they have got their place at some layer of universe.

Where does the red shift come from if not from the Doppler effect of escaping objects?

Don't you like a different solution? If you answer yes and if you like ignoring every better thought to explain this problem, please, go to another website of main-stream physics.

When you are open for new ideas, come along, please.

And now, what would happen with the completely installed universe, when it has got its maximum radius - its amplitude?

Open masses will be having their collapse and forming protocosms contracted by the mass below and flying down to the center of universe, passing a trip down where the other protocosms were formed out. If then all the mass of universe is packed into protocosms, these states are running around the gravitational center flying up again and installing a further period of universe.

This is a totally oscillating universe! Stephen W. Hawking does not see this possibility because of wrong theses of the main-stream physics. Do you want to inform about Hawking's opinion? Don't forget to come back to me, please, why he is wrong.

Immediately, from equations and from my opinion I saw the world oscillating. Look around and see yourself the things are changing in vibrating processes, please! Quasi-repetitions of states running into infinite time arrow!

But when did the universe really start? This answer is open. You only can say it using comparisons:

If somebody would have pushed his pendulum clock sometimes and you came to him asking him, he might tell you when, where, under which conditions and in what position he would have pushed his pendulum, he would think, you are crazy. Nobody can give an answer! Creation of such an instrument like an oscillating universe could have been pushed at each possible state!

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