ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

These are also longitudinal waves or scalar waves. Their vibration is running along the direction of propagation while at transversal waves the vibration is running vertically to the direction of propagation.

My secondary wave type of nature consists of transversal waves if their intensity is vibrating or the wave quantum field is rotating. However, this doesn't exclude, that you can produce secondary waves in the feature of scalar waves, when the charge and / or the mass field does not rotate in the natural sense, but when it is vibrating along the direction of propagation. At any dipole those charges which are moved in it, should produce both transversal and also scalar waves, when the make a rotation field and in the same moment they are moved along the track conductor of the dipole, which makes the maximum of scalar waves along the direction of zero of transversal waves.

Now scientists mark that scalar wave transmissions do not only make resonance but also the win of "free energy". They "spin" of "ether" or "neutrino-ether". They win energy from the "ether", which should be the field of all the waves themselves. Such constructions are nonsense following my theory. Energy from vacuum is also nonsense. My vacuum consists of particles and antiparticles in the same relations. There everything is compensated to zero. That vacuum makes the real ether in the form of the basic medium of the world, where all the gravitationally and electrically caused waves are running. From it you cannot win energy. But the particles and the charges as surplus to the stationary vacuum make the primary scalar wave field. From it you can win energy! Because my particles and charges exchange primary scalar waves having contacts gravitationally and electrically at all for existing of gravitation force and electrostatic force at all (see the sections force and energy, too).

These scientists do not know that the particles and their charges transmit their primary waves just by scalar waves, since they don't know my United Theory of Field. In that field of real particles, the field of gravitation and electrition is hidden. Scalar waves appear between capacitor plates experimentally, too. So they are electric waves in real sense, therefore no toggle of the twist of magnets, but an impact of charge, of mass, but also of the magnet as "shock wave". The field of all the scalar waves of nature is filled with frequencies of gravitation and electrition. Here, resonances will be coming from the given primary field supporting energy win from it.

This means: An arbitrary scalar wave receiver does not only receive the energy of its own transmitter but the energy of all the possible transmitters on this frequency, of all the possible broadcasting stations, which are totally unknown to it.

What would be if Aliens would not transmit by transversal waves but by longitudinal waves?

We look into the transversal-ether. I guess it would be better to examine the scalar wave area and to decode the modulations of the waves!

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