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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
The New Concept of Energy

Today physics still explains the concept of energy like following:

"Energy is the ability of a body carrying out work"

German book by Kuchling, "Physik", p 74, from the year 1975.

Since that year hardly nothing has changed. This definition has not a complete form. It sounds like a circular conclusion between work and energy. Just as this one could explain a kindergarten to be a garden filled of young people. With this nothing would be explained. Until today physics could not explain the mankind what energy really is, although Einstein already found his fundamental term: E = m c, energy is equal to mass multiplied with vacuum light velocity in square. But what this practically is, nobody has explained out of official areas because United Field Theory is unknown for them.

It's only me who can explain what energy and mass really are while I'm using my United Field Theory.

On page 340 of my book:

"Mass and energy have just remained concepts of vividness! They are reduced to the movement concept of spacetime. ...

One speaks of ENERGY if the movement of the anything moved can be judged relatively inside of the movement limit and if this movement finally is an oscillation again or if it makes a system of a cosm.

In this respect the energy is the reflection of the anything moved (h, m, F, P) along a waytime (f, c, v, s, t), no matter how one could express this fact.

Where no oscillation of a cosm is, there is no energy!"

With this I found a quite simple explanation: Energy is the movement property of the matter.

It consists of a primary energy form which makes the secondary energy form:

The primary energy is equal to the spatial oscillation energy of the particle cosms (but it is not meant its heat vibration - that is part of the secondary phenomenon of wave energy of heat!). The radial oscillation runs with the velocity of v = c (like a pulsating sphere). In this respect that oscillation energy makes the rest energy EAo of the particle as well as its rest mass mo following Einstein's fundamental equation EAo = mo c.

When such a particle as pulsating body is moved relatively to the other particle oscillators having the velocity of v < c, then the wave energy Ew = mo v c /(1-v/c) arises. Calculated into momentum mass or wave mass mw (as retardation effect measurable) this yields also an analogon to Einstein's equation but now as secondary energy:

The secondary energy is equal to the wave energy of the relative movement of the particle cosms with the velocity of v < c running in vacuum. In this respect this wave energy (momentum energy) makes the wave energy of the particle Ew as well as its momentum mass (wave mass) mw following Einstein's fundamental equation

Ew = mw c.

We distinguish now only these both energy forms determining every other energy:

  1. the oscillator energy of the particle itself, its rest mass,
  2. the wave energy of the relatively moved particle, its momentum mass of its wave quanta.
  3. Everything causes on the repeating movement of pulsation. The world is oscillating and vibrating!

    These kinds of energy are directly connected with the second basic phenomenon of matter namely to the electric elementary charge eo (each further charge is a magnitude of intensity or of shielding). It doesn't exist free but only bound into the gravitational particles. Consequently, it causes on the oscillation of a very small primary cosm which makes the elementary electrostatic force. When the charge eo is moved, then it makes a wave charge ew, which we call it to be the momentum mass mw of an electromagnetic wave. This way, one can calculate charges into masses which my theory has shown on page 329 with the constant kq:

    mq = eo kq

    with kq = (ko / G) = 1.160453 x 1010 kg/C.

  4. the oscillator energy of the charge itself, its rest charge,
  5. the wave energy of the relatively moved charge, its momentum mass or momentum charge of its wave quanta.

Earlier, in the first part of the 20th century, for such a work you already has got the Nobel price.


The most important consequence from my theory is surely the mathematical proof of the coupling of gravitative and electrical effects. This way, my theory especially predicts the electrogravitational Lorentz-force.

The normal Lorentz-force acts on an electrically charged particle, if it is on its orbit leading by a magnetic field. This particle is practically forced then to a radius of a curved orbit and so it is deflected from its original orbit. The deflecting magnetic field is made from the circular current of charged particles.

The gravitational Lorentz-force acts both on an electrically charged particle and on a neutral particle when they are moving on their orbit by a gravitationally caused magnetic field. The deflecting gravitation magnet is made by the circular current of pure masses! Therefore, the rotating masses make a second feature or magnetic field - die gravitomagnet.

Our Earth has not only a magnetic field but also a gravitomagnet coming from the differential rotation of the earth layers. Both features of magnetic fields will be so the causes of the deflections of charged and uncharged particles. Photons support the emissions of electrons from their orbits into freedom.

If a substance has a diffuse structure, all the deflections will be distributed chaotically. An effect leading to an electric voltage would be possible - no galvanic element.

But if we would use an ideal structure - e. g. crystals - then die deflections of the electrons causes by Lorentz-force of the earth's magnetic fields and by the temperature would lead to a permanent voltage never ending, just ending when die Earth would die. This crystal battery was still found (Marcus Reid). But a clear explanation wasn't given. From my theory my explanation seems to be simple. The deflecting Lorentz-force and the heat make quantum jumps in the atoms up to higher orbits into a preferential direction. If you would build now a cuboid from crystals instead of die cylinder form of the crystal battery, which would be a capacitor with two electrodes. It would also produce a voltage. This voltage would be dependent on the kind of the dielectric and of the plate's surface and of temperature. The more order the structure would have, the higher the voltage would be.

An effect has been observed at capacitors (Biefeld-Brown-Effect), when the capacitor showed a momentum to minus pole under high voltage. I think it was running like following: The high voltage, which was given to the capacitor, gave the orientation into the dielectric - therefore an order like in crystal analogously (each electrons coming free will be orientated to the plus pole and attracted there - the contrary momentum goes to the minus pole). If we think, the high voltage only would cause the freedom of the electrons, so just a unique momentum would be given. But if free electrons would partially come from Lorentz-force and heat, continuously new electrons would come free. The pendulum would show a permanent momentum effect and a minimum part of energy would be won as long their is a magnetic field and a heat.

Well, so we can tap the earth's magnetic field using the effects of the Lorentz-force and the earth's heat. And we can win a certain energy of that you speculate it would be "free energy". This feature of energy does never change all of our opinions of the energy!

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