ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Gravitation waves discovered in February, 2016

Einstein's gravitation waves simply are vibrations of gravitation. Density waves at all. Derived from his geometrical theory; space-time-density-fluctuations. Only this to have proved, does not change physics completely, because it is not correctly interpreted missing the unified field theory, which only is in my own.

"Two Black Holes would have been colliding." Just this explanation of the origin is a lot of mistaken interpretation.

Consequently: There are not Black Holes! This way only stars can collide if they even do this radially. Never somebody has observed a radial collision. They have innumerable torque. So they do not collide but rotate as long as they are united by the combining of their inside momenta.

In universe there are only oscillating dark gray holes. They fastly open again by anti-collapse after forming out by collapse.

Their features are totally different to the black-hole-theories. Correctly they are ZIPPERs. They zipp away this mass which is packed at the inside, flying around the universe with vacuum light velocity until they burst open. Along this time they take a mini-mini mass at the outside, as tiny as they can fly like a neutrino. They pack the inside mass while they are transporting it unnoticedly.

Mass was explained by Einstein as "spacetime". My spacetime is masse - this way the inversion of this equation..

Consequently a packer spacetime is an own mass. Packed mass at the inside is also an own mass. (This thinking is brain work by correct equations!)

This is the result of my solutions, which are not noticed. And now plain text: There 2 black holes did not collide but: One protocosmos was anticollapsing. During this its packing horizon opened up itself from the beginning tiny outside mass into a gigantic mass from the inside. By this BANG it was stopping absolutely. Momentum conservation!!

This shock wave one has measured now in February, 2016!

A new era of physics but would just be opened if one would interpret these things as I do it. Using black holes, physics will stay solving puzzles for a long long time. Searching for what it is they observe.

And still something: How do these smart-alecks explain the gravitational waves actually in the microcosm now? Not at all! They are not ready because they do not know any gravitomagnetical waves which fit into the quantum theory as I do. Result: Despite the proof of gravitational waves physics of universe remains in a pitiful condition.



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