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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
SZ of September 14th 2001, p 26:


Besides exactness accident also prevails in the brain

London. The accident has control of fundamental processes in our brain. One started out from the assumption till now that the brain tries at least to work exactly. Roger Carpenter of the university of Cambridge contradicted this now. Carpenter examined the reaction of brain cells of different animals to a ray burst. At this he observed that the cells responded to the lightning every time differently: Once, they immediately got active, they then reacted a third of a second later. Different brain's regions answered even independently of each other at different times. 'Our brain has a randomizer', the researcher drew a conclusion."


Arcus on 10-01-2001:

Which conclusion shall one pull then today? One only knows the randomizer!

My theory predicted already 1998:

The brain generates the accident as follows. It works arbitrarily and blurredly. Occasional exactness is the result of a graphically working processing, which works out information from blurred reflections. The result is arbitrary, and so it is also blurred. Next to fundamentally unclear results of arbitrariness, also sharp hits are born which are more the exceptions.

This way, the origin of accidents I localized in the brains or in the processing of nerves of living beings. Following my opinion, in universe is a total initial order on base of the creation, which works on exactly causally. Just the arbitrariness of living beings is able to disturb this order by which the societies of mankind reach the highest magnitude of chaos. Starting out of this the researchers conclude wrongly at present: The accident would be given objectively from the outside.

With the discovery of Carpenter a proof of this is given that it has turned around apparently.

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