ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
The spaceship and the vehicles of the future

The construction principle of the most modern spaceships or vehicles I have found.

We just need three essential factors to realize the spaceship of the third year thousand:

1st decrease of the ordinary rest mass by refuel of antimatter.

2nd control of the gravitation by the synthetic electromagnetic black-white hole, called protocosm.

3rd propellant for production of usual momenta via photons.

That vehicle is named mass-compensator . It causes on the effect of the compensation of mass against the negative mass. After my theory the antimass is negative. Antimatter which carries antimass is produced today in particle accelerators. It is stored in storage rings.

Now one has to build a vehicle in a light construction. Its geometry shall lead to a rotation symmetry. This cannot only be a circle area from top view but even a equilateral triangle. These figures are the basic elements of the equipment. A multiple number of such areas can be combined to a new symmetry. Summary the vehicle is relatively flat. The side view should be also symmetric.

Inside of a basic element is the storage ring. It is fulfilled with antimatter until the matter of basic construction is almost compensated. So the expenditure of energy is smaller for accelerating and braking of this vehicle.

With one or more e.m. protocosms the mass of this vehicle will be able to be controlled. Its flight direction is dependent on that gravitation which is not curved or "shielded".

Photons accelerate its ultra-light mass or brake it. They also can control the directions. Nuclear photons aren't necessary, only ordinary light, because the resulting mass is running against zero.

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