ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Article translated in 10-01-1999

Presently darkness is still expanding over the phenomena of nature. Especially the theories to the space and to the matter are more filled of presumptions as of exact science. The unity of all field theories, a solution for the overall matter, should be created. I myself as German author Arcus have already found it. However I had to publish my theory and solutions under the category, "border-sciences", because the renowned physics are not ready to accept that they have under-run basic mistakes of terminology of both theories, which huge consequences follow. That means: Whether Theories of Relativity nor Quantum theory are mathematically wrong. But both mathematics are wrongly explained today by incorrect models.

I give you a little summary of the basic thoughts.

This United Field Theory (UFT being IOT) is based precisely on the fundamental solutions of the original Theories of Relativity and on the effect quantum h of Max Planck, fewer on the building of the Quantum theory, which was organized on it. The Quantum theory contains mistakes in its terminology. You only had to exchange a few words, and Quantum theory would be new and correct.

So the new theory corresponds to the found unity of the perception of Einstein, who expected a further solution of his theories, which should be able to train then the constant h of Planck.

The solution of Friedman includes three parameters of three solutions until today. I looked at the solution of the pointed cycloid for a closed cosm. It is able to change it into the rotation of a unit circle. The pointed cycloid has a harmonic oscillation on half the radius (the high school students learn such mathematics already).

Following I was interested for the Black hole, that radius is calculated over r= 2GM/c. The number of 2 had become relevant. Just now the oscillation radius of R=r/2=GM/c could be formed. That solution corresponded best to the non-stationarity of a closed cosm. The inside mass M is harmonically and spherically oscillating. Until today nobody thinks of an ideal oscillation of any cosm (so microcosms and the cosmos) but me. The string-theory is not this, but a basic thought of vibrant lines. So it is far away from my thought of an amplitude of any cosm and thus of any particle.

The Planck quantum h is confessed since the waves were explained with it. So I put it experimentally thinking into the formula for an oscillating Black hole and received so the quantity of the gravity: An each stable cosm, if the universe or if stable particles like protons and electrons, can be described of the quantity 1h. So the Planck quantum h came into the Theory of General Relativity.

This solution was refused by the experts, that I was asking for further help. I was going on about to see, what well will come out. The result seemed certainly to be non-real but however it was very interesting. An oscillating cosm is filled with a huge interior mass M, but its vibrant sphere does not approximately project the inside coordinate system to the outside, but the frequency of its sphere, because it has closed there. Therefore a bigger cosm with its bigger interior mass is oscillating with a smaller frequency than a smaller cosm. The higher the frequency the bigger the external mass m respectively the mass of the cosm respectively of the real particle. Is this a paradoxon: m= d/ M with d= 4.7 x 10-16 kg?

I calculated the masses of nucleons m changing into their masses M (280,000,000,000 kg) and with which gravitational force they had to force their outside with the inside. I exactly received out the experimental definite forces in the nucleus. Therefore it could not be a paradoxon. Now I had to continue. Because the nucleons, that cohesion had not exactly confessed until now, seemed to force through their inside gravity, in that they dip their gravitational radius into each other. Maybe all forces are to explain so and not different over the gravitational and the electromagnetic forces?

How have to connect two different solutions of Friedman? First of all I had a solution for stable particles - for real cosms or stable and oscillating Black holes. I checked now assorted reactions of the particle physics. With it I found, that the stable particle, which was destabilized always comes back over a row of particle pairs or parity energies to the original stable particle. Physicists do not explain it this way. Rather they remark, that the stable particle forms a new particle, which then decomposes and with it under a different stable particle of the same type also originates, which is not the same or not the identical particle (keeping of baryons or leptons). For it there finally would be no proof.

Here is the logic: If each particle is not any mass point but a cosm (thats a body having a room!), so it picks up energy. With it the frequency is increasing and so that radius is decreasing. A state of the particle is formed, which has more external mass and less internal mass. At the inside something is going, which is storing the energy and which is equally ejecting it sometimes, so that the particle is coming back to the stability. The principle of the physics is beginning to sway, to find the origins of the elementarity at high energies. Rather the elementarity seems to be now the stable status of the electrons, the protons and the two stable neutrinos. Experimental ways to higher energies seem to be senseless.

By the way, the United Field Theory explains the neutrinos as big neutral microcosms. They have to carry a rest mass, which was calculated by me.

I calculated for my new constructed stable proton neutrino 0.01 eV/c. The factor of 2 is depended on the oscillating sphere of the microcosm. The stable electron neutrino is 1836 times heavier - so about 20 eV/c. However non-stable muon neutrino carries about 500 keV/c. Certainly one has shown the minimum mass of electron neutrino, but nobody knows the masses of the other types of neutrinos. Anyhow, estimations of the mass of electron neutrinos on the base of experiments and observations of the SN 1987 A found a hypothetical mass between 20 and 10 eV/c.

What condition is the unstable particle description? The particle is formed from closed and originally stable cosm, which however opens for its inside excess. Nothing asymmetrical could pass the horizon. However symmetries of plus and minus of the lambda-term, like particle pairs and contrary energies can be sent out. Therefore the unstable particle has an openness. So the second solution of Friedman has been spoken. The third solution of the basically opened cosm is missing. Where do we find it into the closed universe?

I now constructed pair formations per radiation pressure, which are continuously using the photo energy. The particle pairs are getting smaller and are storing denser. The environment is getting colder. The excess at ordinary unstable particles is given. Sufficiently particles come together, they form an oscillating Black hole of the mass. A collapse of gravitation has happened. Therefore it locks a mass of parity matter, where the radiation is wrapped within the destabilized particles and the plenty of the ordinary unstable particles. During the collapse, it is possible that particles are collecting themselves at the one hand and antiparticles do so at the other hand. So they form a twin-like collapse system which is not symmetric. The energy of that matter is larger than the energy of the antimatter. This process is also questioned. Physics only believe in a collapse of stars of cold matter. Please, look here the analogon to my idea: Proton plus energy give proton plus electron plus positron. While these pair of particles are formed, they consist of matter and antimatter, they are still so small that they have place below the horizon of the proton. Therefore we have the example for such an event.

Until now one is understanding, a Black hole could not be anticollapsing any more. Alike how you can only reach with torpid matter a divergence against the vacuum-speed of light (impossible the waves), I found, that the gravity-horizon r, if it is formed from the outside, just reaches a divergence. That shows: The horizon r is never reached completely. Therefore this type of Black holes is relatively still open. However at 9/8r the collapse begins to the interior.

Black holes, which are formed by a gravitational collapse of externally observed matter, are never closed completely, and so they are non-stable. Therefore until now as stationary seen Black holes are relatively open, whereby they could be White holes at the end.

Those Black-and-white holes, which are connected over the relativistic Worm-holes, then I called them "protocosms". They correspond to the third Friedman-solution. In each stable cosm the protocosms are existing as former of structures. They form out the portions of the proto-structure, whence the net of the galaxy-installations is formed. Certainly in the microcosms, microgalaxies are also moving. Again there are problems in opposition to the prevailing doctrine: 1. The red shift is not explicable this way, 2. Particles and waves seem to connect, but no longer they are the same. That means: Light-particles don't exist, but properties of light-momenta and particle-momenta are the same. Light-waves are flowing momenta through vacuum. Moved particles origin their momenta and so their wave-character. But particles are microcosms with more volume than a gravity point could say.

Are big masses wrapped into a protocosm, so the outside-mass is getting very low. The change is gone from the outer positive energy to the interior on negative. Such kind of Black holes only need low momenta to fly off with relativistic speed (near to vacuum-speed of light). That corresponds to the worm-hole-solution. Exactly! Someday these things must pop open even equally, how they have met! The anticollapse runs, if the inside mass has accomplished in the relativistic time-delayed flight, once to compress itself and once again to expand. There the hole had never closed totally. Now it goes over the critical horizon of 9/8r, that radius was decided by the Theory of General Relativity. On it the horizon has to begin closing (here also opening). The anticollapse leads to the free-setting of annihilation energies in extreme magnitudes. With it the galaxy systems or different systems are installed. Now it is also interesting, that here the origin of the gamma-ray-bursts are explicable out of the overall system.

Protocosms are climbing up from the center of their cosm, and they are anticollapsing there (in their interior their subprotocosms do the same, there the subsubprotocosms do so and so on). In this moment their momentum is to convert onto the gigantic interior-mass, that now is coming to the outside. That signifies, the just installed systems immediately stop and only set a low speed under each other. The assertion of an escape of galaxies is not longer possible. Big bang is also an untrue fiction. Rather it bangs in portions, therefore quantified.

However this should actually correspond to the expectations of the quantum-gravity! The inside mass of the cosm will be built up from the center to the amplitude. Its sphere grows during its oscillation phase up to the amplitude R. The light runs with it. During the installation time and the elongation to the upside, the mass density is decreasing. Consequently the light in this connection is getting its red shift. With the world events the light is running the reduction of the world density and chills off. So the background radiation refines itself from the central anticollapsed protocosms. All different protocosms also burst on. In their inside an own parallel-process leads to an own background radiation, that now is relatively warmer. That process is giving the unhomogenities of the background radiation. Each opening of a protocosm is setting free an annihilation blitz. If its red shift is low, so it is nearby and not at the "start" of the universe. If its red shift is stronger as the background radiation, so the object is not effectively furthermore in opposite to the zero of the universe oscillation, but relativistically furthermore: The radiation within big protocosms surrenders out of the anticollapses of their own subprotocosms. That own radiation red shift of its microworld now still comes into our cosmos, and so it is subjected there a second time of red shift on their ways through the dense reduction.

Incidentally an oscillating cosm has only hypothetical but no real starts and no real ends. The cosm singularity is also avoided. Or better singularity exists. However it will be denied, so the protocosms are formed out of the matter, which now is forming the singularity. Exactly it is called: The matter is packed in quanta in the protocosms, before it is able to accept a density against infinite. The super-light protocosms in their totality now are putting the singular condition, a condition, at this the coordinate system had to be exchanged once again. They take rounds at a central area of the cosm and then they climb up again. Each protocosm is going through its inside "singularity" on alike type and manner like the cosm. When we compute all oscillations to zero, so all cosms and protocosms have their bypasses at the same time, but never at the same place. So the thing with the infinite density is brilliantly avoided. Not me have been brilliant here, but the designer of the universe. This fact I only was confirmed in my belief at this creator.

About completion of the Friedman solutions I could accommodate my radiation-cosmos-solution. Each radiation energy gets into the closed cosmos. It forms a share at the overall wave energy of the spacetime, that size corresponds to a Black light hole. The own attraction of the photons under each other is enough, to close the cosm. At the place of the observer on a galaxy the strength of the radiation is not to determine as long as it comes back to him and how a denser becoming bell around him increases with energy. Then including his system he will be burned back to the protocosm, and then he will fly a round through the alleged "worm-hole". However there it never goes backwards. Furthermore nothing will stay, but everything will be rebuilt and orderly ejected. Who is ever getting accidentally into a protocosm, could have been accused also to the crocodiles to the grub.

If one gives energy to a stable cosm, so it is handed over at the protocosms into the inside. Then they fly faster. So they are not getting so early or only partly to the anticollapse any more. The inside mass is no longer set free into the original quantity of the inner protocosms. Therefore now the external mass of the unstable particle is increasing.

So the basic interaction game is explained, if there the problem with the waves and the particles would still not be remained. Now particles are well else no more waves, equally how handy telephones are not any waves, ought for understanding one had to exchange them back and forth. Apparently particles are wave-receivers and wave-stations!

What things are photons for then, if they are not any light-particles? Why have they equally moved like a wave-momentum particle? Once Einstein had chewed 50 years and nothing found.

Now I simply had to take the consequences of his solutions. I was not guilty, that the result looked so, how it even was. Different physicists attempt to spend contradictions into my solutions over terminology questions. They browse in my book without reading it, and they find problems with themselves. I can take his right, to introduce a new terminology during the creation of a new, fully differently systematized theory.

In this book I originate a lonely photon, so that each person with a real-graduation could understand the thing: A leader-bow. An electric shock. The rotation of the electric charges at the real particle forms the magnetic field, whose effect-center I am describing as a wave-quantum. It is bipolar. Each polarizations into the vacuum are shifted along, as a corset was formed for the stationary magnet-field, that would be reaching into the theoretical infinite. The diffusion of this lonely momentum over the electromagnetic vacuum is named the photon. One could also deliver a wave of photons, if one would constantly renew the momentum. For example one waves the leader-bow or rotates it. So the polarizations are rotating along into the vacuum. Then each observer-point could observe a consequence of fluctuations, of which each one represents a photon. A photon therefore is the expression of electromagnetic energy, that is also transferred or carried of the diffusion of an electromagnetic field over the vacuum.

In its movement a real particle is relatively forming a wave quantum, a magnetic field quantum, to the stationary vacuum. Here two types of wave quanta are born! The rotating charge is giving the photon. However the rotating mass is building the gravity wave quantum - the fallon. I did not call it "graviton", because the physics already understand the graviton as a particle. The fallon is no particle, but the continuation of the gravitomagnetic field over the gravitational vacuum.

What is vacuum? Einstein had a solution of the stationary cosm. One has discarded it as non-real. Why should one arbitrarily levy or discard the solutions of the General Relativity Theory? I remark, all of them to join side by side and together to a system. That seems to be the brainier solution. I couldn't process all solutions. For the start, that I introduce, it is already enough, to introduce a new view of life.

Einstein gave a lambda-parameter. That symmetry should sign the matter and the anti-matter in equal quantities. The result was the stationarity. How beautiful! I take the bold conclusion: Lambda signifies also inertia and anti-inertia, weight and anti-weight, mass and anti-mass. Does anybody already think on it seriously? A particle and an anti-particle connect itself and vanishes with it in the stationary vacuum as charge-anticharge, mass-antimass, magnet-antimagnet. What could remain there, if the particle would not oscillate? Nothing. However two photons remain, the oscillation energy of the particle pair exactly corresponds to the wave energy. That means: Cosms are missed in vacuum. For it radiations remain in the vacuum. The changing is possible with the pair forming of particles and antiparticles under involvement of radiation and real particles.

A further solution of the General Relativity Theory (Kerr in 1963) shows, that within the sphere of stationarity with r the non-stationarity exists - exactly in the ideal event under half the radius of r with R=r/2. We request, what happens, if matter and antimatter meet themselves, so we have explained the problem: particle and antiparticle annihilate. Then they are disappeared. Instead of them the electromagnetic energy is running in form of two photons around the world. If however photons are nothing but magnetic attributes, where is the particle and its charge as cosm respectively as radiation-cosm going to then? Exactly! They are connected. So they exist as vacuum-quanta. Neutralized balls, that mass is forming a gigantic body of plus and minus lambda, the stationary vacuum. It reaches the gravity-horizon r of the universe. The non-stationarity of the oscillating matter only reaches until r/2.

Waves of the electromagnetism and of the gravitomagnetism are running along the vacuum-body. The particles as disturbances of vacuum can not be moved through the vacuum-body more quickly, than the protocosms, therefore divergently at the vacuum-speed of light. But waves are going in this normal vacuum with vacuum speed of light (remark: now I do not know, if vacuum here is really seen as such a feature, because pairs of proton neutrinos are all around us; this state may influence the measurements of light velocity in this no-vacuum!!!) Step more particles increasingly into the vacuum, so they disturb it and reduce that density. The speed of light is actually decreasing in the material media under the vacuum-speed of light. Could one compress the vacuum now, in that one practically outwits it with effects of quanta, how the tunnel effect, so the speed of light of the normal vacuum would increase above. The trick is, to take off the waves its possibility to continue itself from vacuum-quantum to vacuum-quantum directly. They must jump away some quanta, as there were no vacuum, therefore no spacetime, no metric system. Actually such effects have measured, however still they are differently explained. Finally one believes "light-particles" are able to beam, although they only deal about the linkage of magnetic energies, those are available connecting all-round (isotropic) in the stationary vacuum. Never is something beamed and never something will be beamed, by which a wave-quantum-condition itself is not already on the different side, which is excited over the vacuum. Therefore this is no beaming of real particles, of real cosms, but only a sensitive transferring of energetic information from wave to wave over the vacuum.

Each moved particle is forming a wave-quantum, the matter-wave of De Broglie is explained. However the wave-quantum with its wave-amplitude has a definitive distance to the center of gravity of the rotating particle. Insofar the problems are given, which question the present interpretations of the quantum theories. Hereupon I went detailed. That I might not appraise now.

I please the overall system, that finally will guide us there, that all forces of the nature are collaborating of the gravity and the electromagnetism. The solution seems to be philosophically interesting, that the universe is basically oscillating - the matter is swinging. All appearances are reflecting this. So I remark the unit of all fields has actually been found.

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