ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Production of Particles from Nothing of Vacuum but only by pure Energy?

Theses of this physics

  • Vacuum fluctuates. It is undulating, during this, particle-pairs are formed and immediately destroyed in the context of Heisenberg's uncertainty relation.
  • Would sufficient radiation energy come together for two and more particles, thus pairs could jump from the vacuum.
  • Accidentally an energy concentration would have been formed, for example for the big bang.
  • Particle pairs annihilate totally to pure radiation energy. If here accident would have worked, a few particles would have been remained.
  • This way any particle matter would have been produced by some energy matter.

Observations and my theses in accordance with my theory:

  • In the vacuum the radiant energy seems to be kept, apparently proved as Casimir's effect? After it between two metal plates darkness will be increasing the smaller the distance will be. There the photons get in here neither about the metal pieces nor from the side. From the outside momenta of photons may be transferred to the plates. These two plates will be pressed by them. Thinking at virtual photons by setting the experiment into a total Faraday-cage and by cooling it to zero, only a few cold photons stay. However, wave momenta aren't particles yet! Such impulses of extremely low energy in the proximity of the absolute zero don't represent the energy of an electron pair approximately but only unite little quota insignificantly. So little energy cannot take the vacuum pairs of the electrons and positrons to the undoing. The accident makes this only within extremely long time periods. However, the observations show short times from Casimir's experiment. Well, where do the momenta come from, if not from already available quanta of real waves? After my theory they don't come from "vacuum-particles". Virtual particles in understanding of quantum mechanics are not particles, but effects of wave quanta (momentum=impulse distance), shortly named quanta. For example, these are photons as well as light quanta of light waves. They are not particles, anyway, because they have no rest mass, but only momentum-mass of their wave energy. Though I decide on waves and particles.
  • The impulses of Casimir's effect come from the neutrinos whose oscillation lies on reason of their rest mass at about 124 Kelvin, after my theory. If the separation of the plates is put under that threshold value of the oscillation energy, then the momenta of the neutrinos only work, especially the proton-neutrinos from the outer areas of the metal plates (my theory predicts this kind of neutrinos). This would be near at     9 x 10-6 m      (magnetic interaction radius of proton neutrino). At 10-6 m one already marks a better effect then (corresponds to the gravitation of 10-9 kg). Below of 10-8 m electron neutrinos are active. There should be an even more effective pressure on the metal pieces here. Near of 10-10 m one should actually measure. One still believes in Heisenberg. Instead of his assumption we find above the pair forming energy of the protonneutrinos of 248 K their pairs in space!
  • At the proximity of the absolute zero-point, a photon has only fractions of an electron volt (eV) from energy. Producing an electron pair one needs more than one million eV. Since Heisenberg one believes in the accident of concentration of energy if time uncertainty would come at a small value, during energy uncertainty would increase. This process would give the necessary quantum of energy in the minimum of the time period in question. Because of the uncertainty relation, however, the arisen pair should be destroyed just as fast again. If the complete energy of 1 MeV actually came together, then the vacuum would only give the pair free. Every observation however is carried out under such conditions, which cannot be able to exclude participation of real particles in the pair forming.
  • Not too long time ago, one knew only pair formings at the reactions at which particles meet. Energy of the radiation also could work and form pairs at a particle. So, one could see this process as if the particle like a mother would be necessary to give birth to the twins of particles. The energy however behaves like food and seed of the event. The artificial vacuum couldn't ever be produced totally. Still real particles and also photons are always left into this state. The assertion, the vacuum would have given birth to the particle pairs without participation of an already available particle, therefore cannot be proved. It is more improbable, if after my theory it is valid: Each particle is a geometrical microcosm. Its concept is programmed and especially separated into quanta. Vacuum consists from dissolved particles in primary subparticles, which are the smallest and the heaviest particles of universe - but also original particles with the highest energy. Forming these particles as pairs we would need more than 1015 GeV. Distance between Casimir-metal-plates had to go against 10-40 m. Without the program of real particle from vacuum doesn't come any new particle! The available particle offers itself as "photocopier". After my theory it is not possible, that any big bang is coming alone from an energy vacuum, because a single particle is at least missing there, which at the beginning has been able to play the mother to reproduce its clones.
  • Result: Hawking's theory of big bang from a quantum foam of wave quanta, charged with radiation energy (who knows where this one comes here now again, it doesn't come from annihilation of particle pairs), is an illusion. It tells us the same question: What was well first there, the hen or the chick? In addition, it clears nothing: Particles cannot formed out from a quantum foam, if there isn't already some real particle. Accidentally they cannot break symmetries. Such a theory of quantum mechanics is based on the believe in an accident. A cause for asymmetrical particle reactions is not found yet, which could give a clear explanation. But this time scientists simply know too less. Only the accident helps them now to be satisfied, that there was not God. Accident should make a pact with the devil, according to the religions. If therefore not God, then rather the devil! What a science!
  • Quantum foam one sets in the beginning and one sees it as the nothing. Really why do they this? Don't you know, that quanta but wave quanta are formed then, if charges or particles are moved? There so-called electromagnetic wave quanta are formed out - the photons. In addition, the quanta of "matter-waves" are formed. There must be particles to form quanta. Isn't it funny? All scientists turn around in their circles. Until today no explanation is such a brilliant one, that one should have the scientist lived highly. It always runs out on the same rubbish: One looks for a beginning. I don't look for it any more because it doesn't have to be found. My oscillation theory yields the solution of the dilemma which however doesn't answer the question after the beginning satisfactorily:
  • If something oscillates like a clock pendulum, who will ever say, when, under which conditions and from whom pendulum was pushed at the first time? Well, nobody can do it. Pendulum would have been pushed the first time under each of arbitrary time and under arbitrary circumstances. So to every time there were real particles, vacuum, wave quanta and the total system of their relations after the laws. However, somebody seriously asks, who could have designed everything like a watch and who has put it in walk then, one only finds this answer of religions: God. If he doesn't want to ask, then he can live thus well in this eternal oscillation!
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