ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
How does the world swing actually?

Today, one remarks, a "big bang" would give the consequence of an expansion of the "original world." The effect of the mass attraction could turn the movement under certain circumstances, whereby the universe also could concentrate itself. S. W. Hawking is straying from this idea. His space now should eternally prolong in accordance with the alleged "big bang".

However each simple person knows well more then a sly philosopher. He knows namely, that on a year follows the next, etc. Everything of this world is connected with a going to and back. States are changing and turning again on a new manner. These things are shown by the oscillation! Therefore however the individual state is to find in the general state of the universe!

Here given United Field Theory is available fully done as different declarations of the present sciences, that wants to see the genius of the presence essentially in Hawking.

Basically each cosmos swings, better it oscillates, so its space or its microcosms! Is this premise also connected with a repetition of a "big bang"? No, the course is much more complicated. Therefore you already can see the old theories only as primitive constructions: bang - and the matter runs apart, bang - and it thunders together again - completely as a mash? That already is a quite coarse of contemplation manner, out of that you hardly can interpret the multiplicity of the phenomena, if you don't cite the substitute for the creator inside - the accidence.

Defiance of the complicated connections the new theory remains well comprehensible. Underneath Im giving here a picture from the book and an explanation text:

Page 93:

Picture 3; 5: Each cosm in the scheme of basic structure


1- gravity-radiuses ro respectively incident horizon

2- gravity-center, center of gravity

3- cosm-amplitude Ro (maximum of the free-setting of inside

mass at stability),     the negation-horizon

4- maximum parity orbit of a protocosm over Ro, track of the light

5- area of the vacuum sphere Ro = ro - Ro

Each light, that of the point of 2 is getting out of starts, only can accept the maximum of the orbit, like it is shown at the designation of 4.


Scientists suspect now several universes and "big bangs" side by side. This thesis is near our theory. But as long as they don't rule out the "big bang theory", they will get nothing. No cosm seed is banging! You see it at the quasars: Spooky energy quantities stream from them. However not in form of fogs, but in form of pairs from a subordinate handful of cosm seeds, which on their other hand local energies are setting free. The temperatures of these energies nevertheless don't reach to hypothetical 1032 Kelvin like in the big bang, but only to the maximum of 6 billion Kelvin from the electron-positron-annihilation the origin of the gamma radiation in series of lightning.

The "quantum-theory" therefore leads to a fictive origin of the movement connections of the particles, to a pure energetic origin! To an origin, which locally and temporally never existed this way!

The following tells us: The "quantum-theory" shows by means of their waves energy levels, on which temperature level the particle certainly exists few-wisely. This way it also explains, which particle-types are at these pure levels on scale. Each unstable particle can approach itself at such a standard, but it can never give up its programmed identity. Now it seems so, as you made a fraction distillation and win differently high scalding fat at different temperatures. Who wants to claim now, that at the highest temperature of this process all fats have their origin in this one high scalding fat? For example: lard and food oil are mixed and heated at 300 C. Then both is miscellaneously liquid and physically without difference. Do both fats origin from of 300 C? No! We heat them both until they are separating themselves into their particles. Does their programmatic ancestry lay approximately there? No! Now we heat both fats even at almost 1032 Kelvin. Maybe do they come from there programmatically? Finally, no!

Each thing is formed out from the stable particles. And likewise, all particles are formed from isolated particles. Does the isolation come out from a stability into the outside? No. However lard descends of the pig and oil descends for example of seeds of sunflowers. At 10 C lard gets solid, the oil around swims inside. At -16 C then also the oil was getting solid. Has the oil turned into lard then? No!

Why therefore do we deduce all matter from the hottest of all particles on the basis of a temperature scale in the matter of existing particles at an assumption of the "big bang", if however the particles live an inside construction principle? Scientists want to standardize and to orient themselves at the alleged accidence and they don't know how! This way the sunflower oil should come accidentally from the sunflower seeds and the lard should also accidentally com from the pig.

However: The cosm theory ELECTROGRAVITATION explains the origin really!

Each stable particle is given elementary. Particles move into the existing vacuum. Furthermore they are implied under different particle-surfaces. They form a hierarchy of systems. Never the stable particle changes itself with energy into different stable particles! Alone at the weak force the effect changes to a conversion, those peculiarities have nothing to do with a "particle melting point."

An unstable particle only decays into the direction of a stable particle, if it also has the opportunity, therefore if it doesn't move with vacuum speed of light; but with fewer. That temperature scale also doesn't tell us:

At the inside of the local stars the temperature amounts to about 2 x 1013 Kelvin to the falling of the stable protons and about 1010 Kelvin for stable electrons. To the surface the temperatures fall on some thousand Kelvin.

At the isolated inside of the particle, which exists in the proton, to organize the protocosms, the temperature is crucially higher. It reaches to that suspected and of me calculated 2.4 x 1031 Kelvin for the origin. That is the temperature of the forming of pairs of gravitons (subtrons will be shaped at 1028 K). However here into our universe area we never find high temperatures in such a way! To the parceling of our stars it gets right cold anyway. Never there was a hot "big bang", but a cold zero walk through the central area of the universe in analogy of the winter! It remains to unlock:

The assumption of the "big bang" in the consequence of such a beautiful theory of the waves phenomena, the matter represents a head-rank of the sciences!

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