ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Until now you look at the evolution as a factory of accidence. Inside you're searching for a reason, how it might have come well to the formations of the attributes accidentally.

For example, you start from the formation of mathematics, that the language and the culture are the precondition for it. Therefore alone a human being could calculate. Certainly you can compare the person with the chimpanzee standing genetically near to us, those abilities to the counting have developed, however more well hardly.

My united field theory proves that the space of universe is a closed system. Everything is inseparably connected together. With it the universe is an informational system. That signifies into the simple clear text: Everything what is here going in universe is programmed, respectively it is a part of an ideal program (a spherical hologram). Certainly contours of the program have coated of the accidence. On no account the program has originated accidentally. Each life has its task, that is more complicated than one can imagin today, if one think of the apparent "rudeness" of all different life in opposite to the mankind.

My thesis: Universe is a complete informational system.

Here an article from "Nature Germany".

Now it has happened. In accordance with the magazine "Science" (bond of 282, page 746) both rhesus monkeys Rosencrantz and Mcduff could count until nine. And this is very obvious, in that they are in the situation, to arrange group-pictures of miscellaneous objects of different colors, forms and patterns to the number of the objects.

Therefore in accordance with my theory, both monkeys seem to be a part of the universal program with the congenital ability. It was interesting to see, what you will find out well at different animals, until you will comprehend, that we men only exist, because there is the aura of the animal and vegetable life around us!

The present theories are getting crazier, to give the unknowing scientists an existence validity. One believes today, that both time arrows will encounter themselves on the base of no still existing theory, but my theory which could explain, what the time arrow actually is and why it relatively has seen to be in move into only one direction.

Those meanings are managed themselves from a certain coincidence belief. In the general you are convinced now in opposite to me, God was to find at any quantum chaos, if he altogether is to be found. If he should have put all laws there, one could not understand, how he should have given everything into a chaos which would organize itself. Finally in the freedoms of the chaos, laws could develop themselves after all by themselves. There God could not know however, what will come. So rioters think remarking, God had created the big bang as a start and then he had looked, what well will be arising from this state.

In my solutions no big bang exists, not even a defined start of the universe. But I can shift coordinate systems to such a point, where you can imagine, the universe matter would have its smallest extension. There at first a thing would run, what you can call "the first bang". This was not the big bang, because after it, a lot of "bangs" had happened ejecting galaxy matter free. So the universe has a very large core of homogeneity, of gas which has been getting cold already, which you cannot observe directly any more. And so nobody can think at such a giant core in the center of universe. On this core in a larger distance galaxies are laying, accelerated in the past by that radiation which came from the first bang. Therefore you can observe such a thing like an "inflation" of universe spacetime. This is not caused by present theories, but it is caused by radiation wind.

If you choose any point in the eternally oscillating system, you could put there any start. The things recur in each new vibration phase of a new universe, that takes exactly 17.6 billion years. Only this is the reason why they could recur altogether, God has programmed every lawful consequences into this system!

Referred to my solutions, the interpretations of the chaos theoreticians represent a vehement nonsense. It is substantiated by examples, so approximately:

An ant finds diet. It cuts a piece off, to carry it to its construction. It almost have forgotten the re-way. So it looks chaotically and arbitrarily for its home. Finally it will find the home, the other ants are going the way to the feed along the scent marks. So step by step the scent marks narrow itself in their frequency and get to the shortest route between diet and construction, that subscription however is blurred. Chaos theorists think now, the law had not existed previously, but it had been developed by the life. It was "originated."

About such a type of constructions chaos theoreticians are happy how little children! Sometimes I certainly think scientists have remained standing on a childhood standard.

In my solution each laws are existing prudently closed to the matter, since they were organized by the creator and since they were pushed at the first time. During their existence, the laws are overlaid of chaotic components. They are smudged, that they sometimes are to recognize only a few or not at all (why do we look for laws well since mankind was thinking?). The chaos is the result of the will or better of the arbitrariness of the creature. The universe creature is the biggest body. Complete cosmos is living, also its galaxies and so on. With the accumulation of more freedom to the intrinsically continuous bargaining of creatures, their will was stronger distincted and could smudge the laws more strongly (for example the running of the ant in the unpredictable zigzag). If arbitrariness will be eliminate (for example with the scent marks) the actual independence of all will and all chaotic action, the existing God law appears better, until it is almost keenly pictured (here is the shortest route).

Laws therefore never have been originated by the chaos, but they have been smudged by the chaos. In that you are looking for them and you're finding them, they are able to describe. They also are the reasons, which organize chaotic states after principles and laws. The chaos does not organize itself! The description methods however are also subjected to the will, and they are blurred mirrors of the laws.

Result: It is already prodigious, which nonsense is rhymed together nowadays under the scientific category, to fill about the magazines.

You will ask, why such people as me could not come through. Well, the potencies to the spread of chaotic nonsense are essentially stronger than ours. That is to be compared with the narrow ridge of the order, right and left on this way is unlimited disorder. A further comparison succeeds with the narrow ridge of the stable matter. Right and left this way, the matter is virtually unstable unlimited. You will always find a majority, that rather fantasizes about something, then to bind itself at an appreciative principle. There is the minority. For example, why are more person sitting in the hall and listening to a minority, that is playing in the symphony orchestra? Why doesn't it turn back?

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