ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Origins of planets come from their central stars

In a quantified process sub-bodies from the interior of the central star will be exported. This process is hierarchically able to transform. So centers of galaxies hurl their products into the world above. For example protoplanets do the same with their protosatellites and so on.

Here I was very sceptic. Until now one think on an accretion disk and its concentration.

Then I saw the photo of the Hubble-telescope of TMR and TMR-1C. Tereby and his colleagues give an interpretation of the observed planet: It would be hurled from the doubled central star. This process should be generally valid.

How could this be going?

Certainly you know the hypothetical solutions of the Black (Darkgray) hole, the Worm hole and the White hole? I found the oscillator solution of the Theory of General Relativity. It is leading to the solution of the world formula, of which the world is oscillating simply. The processes are easily to understand.

A so-called Darkgray hole, a Worm hole and a White hole are together a PROTOCOSM following my theory. Such a protocosm is formed during e.g. 5 hours and accelerated then (these 5 hours are just one example for much more variations of time). There it is moving on and transforming to an opening state during half of the oscillating period. The time is relativistically developed by the speed. It can take a very long time, but also a very short time. Then the protocosm is opening itself during the 5 hours and installing the new formations of matter. Do you feel something? Yes, nuclei of galaxies take matter by forming protocosms and send out new stars and clouds of stars by sending and opening these protocosms! Nuclei of the stars take matter and send out protuberances. Before they got so weak of energy, they have been installing the whole system of planets during its start condition!

A star doesn't only consist of gas but of a multiple number of protocosms. Their present energy isn't enough for escape from this star.

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http://www.arcusuniverse.com of my theory about World Fomula named Ideal-Oscillator-Theory, just as a variant of the Unified Field Theory



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