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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Distribution of Bio-spheres of Earth in Comparison to the Distributions of Protocosms on the Sun

By continents, the reflection of the bio-spheres is something blurred in oceans. There, you can see, especially in south, a nearly continuing green band. This means: Northern and southern the equator, except the poles, each a band of most biological activity is running.

Source: Focus 15/2001, p 184

Observing the sun, so there are also running both bands on both sides of the equator:





My theory has explained it as special frequency of appearance of protocosms inside the internal sun sphere, which are now passed through until the sun surface. Protocosms are the original types of life. They transform the life forms.

We therefore conclude, that you can trace back the parallel of life from the earth to the fixed star, the sun. Why don't we trace on to other fixed stars? Why don't we think at the galaxy cores? Why don't we search the origin of life in the universe core? And finally, why should the life have arisen accidentally or by chance, if there are causes for its arising - the protocosms and their ordering energies?

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