ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
P.M. Perspective, January 22nd 1999, page 28

In the magazine one speaks of seven big riddles of research. They are most altogether solved from the United Field Theory systematically being in an inseparable connection!

1. What does matter consist of? From "nothing" because we cannot identify it experimentally by media of spacetime. It is the original substance of God moved by him. This substance itself is no matter, but it makes the matter by oscillating movement features!

2. How did the universe arise? There aren't any beginnings from arising! God had pushed his work sometime. It oscillates since then. An original state and a starting time cannot be stated afterward any more.

3. Where does the life come from? The created order in the universe represents lives in the great which is transforming itself. The universe is living. God has made it this way.

4. Does the evolution strive for an aim? Certainly, it does. God sets the end for an oscillation. Then the next oscillation follows. In every oscillation the life has another chance to find better solutions. The souls get better. Obviously God wants to get better souls. Satan wants "better" souls for him. That's a fight without end. The aim is the immaterial product - the soul. Our universe is an informational system producing souls (information). These universal reflection by all forms of life goes to the outside of the universe giving a picture of it. Perhaps we are locked in a game field of Gods.

5. Does the man have a free will? Yes, but only insignificantly. He thinks as if he would have more width of arbitrariness. In the end he will be led to his unavoidable actions by his dependences.

6. How do the laws of nature arise? They do not arise. They had been created.

7. Does the man have an immortal soul? Yes, it consists of the original substance of God. But here this substance does not oscillate and it does not make ends so. The soul is the reflected picture of this world which is drawn into God's world.


I don't like the word "arising" at all. It has materialistic meaning. Anything comes spontaneously and without reason and accidentally into this world. This is nonsensical if all the things of this world are connected together in relationships.

E.g.: Some people say simply if an electric current is flowing, a magnetic field is arising. But it doesn't arise, it is made from the preconditions. Here is a transition of matter - a transformation of matter - and there is no arising of completely new accidental phenomena.

"The brain survives five until eight minutes without oxygen - enough time for hereafter visions"

P.M. Perspective, January 22nd 1999, page 58

Here the author Gerhard Wisnewski underscores his materialistic philosophy, where the reader has to think at last: If there are no near death happenings, well so one also can survive the hereafter and a capable soul there.

The reason for it is the discovery of the neuro chirurg Wild Penfield. Hallucinations become causes through the stimulation of the sylvical fissur at the temporal lapp of the brain. That perceptions are like the near death happenings.

Near death happenings are such experiences, what about these persons tell, those were well near the death, however brain is still not dead. Prodigious is, that some of these persons telling their watches could not have seen at all the things they described, because their eyes were laying on the deathbed.

One remarks now, certainly the brain found a goal to hallucination. The original folks knew it already. They only didn't know the place in the brain, but however the methods to obtain themselves such experiences - different plant poisons. The goal existed inside to reach the proximity to the hereafter and to the souls of the deceased.

Hypnotized you can be lead back into one of your last lives. However the brain didn't survive. Consequently nothing could be brought into the new life. If the eternal soul is right, it could have carried the stored experiences into the new brain. Only the hypnosis has belched the goal to the hereafter persons. Where is the goal?

My United Field Theory has given such a kind of solutions, which are able to clear the phenomena:

Additionally the body and the physically working brain the VALVE exists inside to the not-physical soul.

A valve gives a direction of going through and of stop going. Thoughts, ideas, those are processed into the brain physically (at chemical substances tied to), work into the body in the direction of going through into the hereafter. Vice-versa from there normally nothing is coming out. Only then, if the valve, which surely exists in the form of the sylvical fissur in the temporal lapp, in direction of stop going is getting permeable, pictures appear from the hereafter, from the infinite. That also tells us, that all imaginable possibilities could appear from there. Subsequently you are also ready looking such pictures as hallucinations.

Materialists will remain these are about sense-delusions. On the base of the United Field Theory idealists will rather acknowledge the immortality of the soul, because this theory has given the consequence, that there is an outside of the universe. What is there? The hereafter. The souls. The creator God and infinite many of more!

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