ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Influence of Accident

So I expressed myself in my documents: The accident has its influence on everything!

For example, when I beat my hammer arbitrarily, then I have made a real accident. That wave following now, which is causing all the causal phenomena, cannot be predicted because it has come from my arbitrariness. It does not come from a chain of legal coherences and consequences - it didn't arise from any causal chain.

In my book, I stressed, that a real accident arises from arbitrariness (the real accident as pseudo-accident is made by arbitrary cutting of causality theoretically - it arises from limited cognitive faculty and doesn't exist really). The matter has no arbitrariness. Only thinking and consciously working beings make arbitrariness and real accidents. In this respect, the real accident only exists in the environment of the actively working living beings.

Theoretically, you think at "butterfly-effect" when accidents are working. Following, the wing stroke of a butterfly had total influence on the future and would change it completely. And this I think it is nonsense. I stated:

  1. Each movement of matter - it may be extremely small - is moving the complete matter. Consequently, each small effect has its influence on each events in universe. So well!
  2. But each effect, even the sensitive one, but is dependent on the energy which it gives in relationship to the existing energy quanta. Consequently, an energetically low-value accident just can have insignificant influence on the matter. If real accidents arise from environment of living beings, then the influences of these accidents stay limited on the called environment while they have weak influences dependent on their energy quanta.
  3. When you hear the concept of sensitivity, you think at the pyramid standing at its head. If it falls then it takes everything of it to this side where it's laying in the end. But nature doesn't consist of such head-standing pyramids. Between contrarily acting fields, there are areas, at which the things have their sensitive decision. During this events only a few quanta come to the other side. The big rest stays at its side without touch. If this rest is very big, then the influence of a few deserters is next to zero. This is the result of inertia all over!

  4. I recognized that the energies from causality of legal events in matter are essentially larger than those energies which are made by animals and men, when accidents are made and when they play their subordinated role.

I see an accident like the trembling of a tool making its work - equally, if it is trembling or not. That tool hat to vibrate as much as it would be necessary that it couldn't make its work any more. Then the accident had real influence. The energetic structures of inertial movements of matter are as big that I hardly calculate essential influence of accidents!

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