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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Life observed on Venus

At old photos, the Russian scientist Leonid A. Ksanfomaliti means to have observed signs of big living beeings at the surface of planet Venus.  (Jan. 26th  2012, Kopp-Online)

According to my theory, yes, it must be real! Because Venus has a gas shell, even especially dense. And it has a continent. Consequently, there should be living beings, which survived since they were installed along the temperature-transformation.

What is this - the temperature-transformation of life?

Life is not coming from anywhere, it was programmed of whom, however.  

At the beginning of all structures of the matter existing in the universe, the whole structure represents the universal life. It starts at extremely high temperatures by the fact that the hottest living beings already are in a variety of life-forms in the atmospheres. Almost incalculable. The life proliferated at the beginning. Then it started to die out because the temperatures decreased. Always just this life survived, which was "adapted" to the lower temperatures. "Customization" through this, by the fact that the prerequisites for this are already given by the programming. Because of dying in ranges, the sediments of the death, the recycling, resulted from the other following life phases. For each climate and for every temperature, there is a nature simply such programed! Provided that no disaster has finished this development completely, some of the originally scheduled living beings are always left, no matter on which celestial body they exist, on fixed stars like on the Sun, on most various planets, on satellites, on subsatellites, on comets etc.

On Venus is real life, but not on the base of our well-known organic nature, which is programed on temperatures of approximately 20 C average values, but such, which is coordinated with 400 C. There will be airworthy and operational nature. Their shapes will be like these of spiders and scorpions, because the basic program principles are inside of them. These are the quantum numbers, which look like galaxies in the origin. A belly, a nucleus and arms and legs. This would already be it. More the life doesn't need to be real life!

Hello spacemen have caution by lives! Surprises still wait also on Mars and on Jupiter's moons! A journey in our own solar system might give a surprise, but also an accident. If mankind further however loses his way like today, living beings namely simply to have globe crossways mixed and at this just as laxly loses his way with the people gets rid, he will bring various nature from the other planets home, he cannot free from them, than this could be his coffin nail.



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