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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Higgs-Particles or H°-Bosons

Simply said Prof. Higgs thought these bosons are missing yet to explain the resting mass of the material elementary particles. There should be a sea filled with such H-bosons which massless particles had to cross. While swimming through some mass would stick to them by H-bosons contacting or collecting however.

Massless particles would be massive by reception of H-bosons.

Physicists must explain everything accidentally. Doing this they make it especially hard: Accidentally massless particles should collect some boson mass.

If the universe was filled of H-bosons in the beginning why is there this selection? In present, why are there particles with resting mass and particles without?

Scientist just can explain this ba accidents. They are not able to explain the amounts of masses. That H-particle supports an assumption of mass, not more. This assumption is even correct. But the complete connection is interpreted or explained absolutely wrong. This model is unreal and distorted. 

The view way  is absolutelynaive about which mass will be at all. But my idea is much simpler: Mass is my expression of the efforts of things to each other because they were separated before!

The increase or less of this effort then depend how strong the separation is. Mass then is no more a thing which one can gather like the physicists wanted to see it. Mass isn't material! If we put a greater vessel, then more material fits there. This is the experience of life. But is it correct? Is this right: The bigger a thing the heavier is it? Does this match on all things in the universe?
Just this is the problem. The naive way of thinking of Einstein-physicists should actually a little bit better than Einstein. But really, however, they are far far remained back behind him. They always think themselves, mass would be a volume.

However, the crucial point is: Mass is the result of an oscillation, the correlation between dispersion and collection, between disconnection and connection! Therefore but only in the retinue of my theory, elementary particles have  a bigger mass with their smaller radius, however!

And now lets use my theory to explain the problems.

Particles are spatially vibrating bubbles. At their horizon their degree of the gravitation changes in an opposite development. This means, they seem to work different to the outside than to inside. The mass packed inside has an effect on the outside as reciprocon, converted about a constant only for stable particles. It must otherwise be varied with the lambda factor. The proton with the outside of about ten highly minus 27 kilograms of rest mass disposes inside about 280 billions kilogram of packed rest mass! Consequently the amount of the inner mass determines the outside mass. If two particles like the protons are shot at each other with enormous energy they aren't destroyed. They don't shatter. Such assumptions of the present science of proton shattering are incorrect. 

The reason in my theory is: Never particles meet on each other but their wave quanta do it. These quanta produce new particle pairs, actually known particle pairs, which are forming combinations again to show the energy which got just effective from the pulse energy of the collision. They are only shown by their wavequantum interactions. This means: Wave quanta are everything which we watch. And these are analoga to the photons to electromagnetic wave packages. At this a reflection is escorted to the outside by the inside of the proton by the fact that projections arise on the outside, here by the W- and Z-bosons, now also so-called bosons, especially by H-bosons. Because protocosms are charged in the first rotation circle of the subparticles in the proton, one negatively and one positively charged, we get W+ bosons and W- -bosons as projection. Every W should be reflected only with a W°, taken exactly. But charges and spin is contrary in the proton, the projection will appear as charged W. Both show the lowest energy of 80.39 GeV which is converted at this. 

After my theory therefore, because the lowest mass of the two protocosms there is given on the highest inner orbit level in the proton. The mass is bigger the deeper is the train of orbit. Only one protocosm charged positively is running there. Its projection is the Z° boson. This is already an expression of bigger mass in the proton on the second train to inside with 91.19 GeV. With these three protocosms everything makes up his mind the simply positive cargo load of the proton and the almost triple magnetic momentum. And now the mass block still is missing - all the innumerable protocosms which are below the second train and which become more and more and heavier in mass amounts. This mass-block by its third train in the depth of the inside of the proton is reflected by the H°-boson of approx. 125 GeV. However, this is only the third train. Let us look at future if the governments would provide wider means for the CERN, discovering further HIGGS particles, of which it might give a quite terribly great crowd of them, after my opinion. See here the proton.

At CERN one can research into eternity reflecting heaviest protocosms of the inside. Such a value of energy is really not given.  Consequently, the find of  putative Higgs-particles is a flopp. They found an energy-correspondence which is matching but which is no real Higgs-particle!

As we don't have any clues for grading the masses in a particle cosmos for the time being there, we then only can assume that at first they possibly increase exponentially but the graph linearly strongly rises up to the center of the particle inside if the multiplication by such steps of ten. This may be a parabolic line well E = 80.39 GeV times n^(x times n^y) with n headlevels of the trains, z=0.04927 and w=1.88367.

If we start out from this hypothesis, then there are the following H-bosons still to be found:

1                  123 GeV

2                  204 GeV

3                  416 GeV

4                1061 GeV     with about 1000 GeV Higgs-boson was originally predicted.

5                3405 GeV     etc. up to H°16 with 1.7E+16 GeV.

Proton has a resting mass of 1.6726218E10-27 kg. Using my theory inside mass is 2.8321E11 kg, about 280 billion!!
Inside a proton its mass block is not formed by one single Higgs boson, but by 16 types and their sum of 8419 single protocosms making internal mass.

How I calculated this:  PDF of an Excel file in German only.

This may be complicated. But only in such a way a shoe will be made which also can put on from the mass of the particles. The present explanations are very vague and they will still remain. They don't earn the hustle and bustle which is organized around them. God has designed the world as complicatedly as only possibly at all. As simple, as scientists have thought by their "standard model", the world absolutely isn't because they have made some mistakes on their way uncovered just by my solutions.

Arcus on July 12th 2012 in answer to the discovery of the Higgs-boson "No. 1"



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