ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Stephen Hawking is dead! He died on March 14th 2018. Many people miss him.

However, I share the idea of Max Planck that a change of paradigm is only possible if that previous physicist's generation died out.

At March 14th 2018 Hawking still let publish a video messages by the University of Cambridge. Source GMX-news  on the Internet. Here he said among other things:

"Our picture of the universe has changed comprehensively within the last 50 years and I am happy if I could make a small contribution." ...

"That we people, who themselves are mainly collections of particles of nature, were able to come as near to an understanding of the laws which rules over us and the universe, is a great triumph."

Altogether, I say to it: This is a trash! A rather big one.

Hawking has made a contribution to keep the sciences to the fool.

We people just are not an arbitraty collection of particles. Present physicists really think of particle contractions as there were: Automatic compression of matter as in the case of the stars from confused unordered gas particles without program and without destination. Simply, everything is a result of accident.

Who thinks this way, one also explains the universe by pure chance. Taken exactly, one needs no more sciences for it, only still teller of fairy tales. Hawking was one of these who still provided a soundtrack of the fairytales with a fantastic mathematics. His followers belong into this category.

Those narrators have not come much closer to the understanding of the laws. This is already arrogant to speak about a great triumph, while the theoretical models are almost 100% besides the truth. Just this way many physicists are going. Their faith is firmer than the faith of believers. There is self-congratulation in addition.

Hawking has not let me come to him suggesting him my solutions of the world questions. If he had met me he would have died more cleverly. He will have understood everything by now in the hereafter in which he does not believe. And? Will he regret that there he has left mankind in such a stupidity epoch? Hard to say. Hope is the principle of the life. We simply hope that we can overcome the trash of the past. Now after its most important apologist is no longer here.




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