ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
There are really gravitational waves!

Following my theory, they arise from the movement of masses. This way, transversal and longitudinal waves of gravitation can be distinguished. Their causality is analogous to the electromagnetic waves (e.m. waves), but just contrary. Therefore I call them gravitomagnetic waves, briefly g.m. waves. My theory describes when transversal and longitudinal g.m. waves are formed out:

  1. Transversal g.m. Waves
  2. Just as every technician knows it of the electric charges: e.g. the charge can move itself inside a dipole. Following it can radiate the wave perpendicularly to the dipole. If then a mass is swinging up and down, it radiates a g.m. wave perpendicularly to the vibration's movement area. The same happens if a mass rotates and changes its velocity or even if the rotation area rotates itself. Such a kind of waves you can make in laboratory. It's interesting that nobody than me knows that "matter waves" already are transversal g.m. waves in microcosmic shape. Each rotating electron is forming a gravito-magnet. As soon as the movement speed is changing or the orbit is vibrating, a "matter wave" has gone to be radiated.

  3. Longitudinal g.m. Waves

Such waves arise if a gravitational charge (a mass) is moving to or away from a receiver. This corresponds to the analogon of electromagnetism. My theory shows that all the masses and all the electric charges even are coupling with each other by exchange of spherical waves. Spherical waves are longitudinal waves into all directions or Tesla-waves. Therefore you can equally indicate the force of a mass into all the directions. Each small simulation of this g.m. wave, may it be unlimited small, means a trial simulating a mass. My theory shows that this effect only depends on the frequency of the vibration. If masses of small frequency are swinging, then secondary wave masses (momentum masses) are formed out with not more than 10-42 kg of own mass.

Scientists want to prove gravitation waves using big support. They think, that big mass' movements would curve the space-time and so they would wander through the space as waves. That model is absolutely incomplete, because present scientists do not have the United Theory of Fields like I do and like I already have solved.

In this cohesion I try to make a forecast: You will hardly prove this gravitation waves, except you can prove a mass difference of 10 - 40 kg.

  1. Because there is hardly a star which rotation area is rotating very fast.
  2. Because at a super nova the masses are all over exploded off and so the transversal wave comes to zero.
  3. Because the frequency of large mass movements is so small, that it produces hardly more than 10 high minus 42 kilogram of the mass difference.
  4. Even Pulsars with 100 Hz just reach 10 high minus 40 kg of the g.m. longitudinal wave mass.

What will you do instead of waiting at the indicator eternally?

Just simply: On the base of my theory, you should make a g.m. wave by rotation of masses, when you should let rotate the rotation area fast - this makes the frequency of that wave. Such a kind of waves might be surely provable in the immediate nearness of the indicator.

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