by Heinz-Joachim Ackermann, Germany, March, 1st, 2018


The alternative installation of the universe

Present assumption:

The universe arose from one single Big Bang. From the gas homogeneity the first bang simply formed each confessed objects and structures although each should escape from each other with almost light velocity anyway. Even today, they still should escape. So it means the inflation hypothesis of the universe. At the beginning symmetry would be given.

Contradictions stand contrary to it from the reality: The universe reflects no symmetries and also no homogeneities but complete asymmetries and heterogeneities.

The question “Can that gas escaping from each other condense to galaxies?" is only hardly to be answered. Many puzzles of the universe show that a completely different solution is necessary. A solution which easily explains everything in use of one single system.

The solution:

The Big Bang cannot be rejected by the hand. The measurement results of the background radiation prove it.

However, has there been that bang alone? No, it does not following my solution. The first bang got stuck in the center!

But must it have been there alone? No, because one knows only the temperature of the background radiation. So one knows only a qualitative size! Quantitative size, the necessary intensity to form out the complete universe, is not known.

Consequently it is possible that this Big Bang was not the only one but only a centrally first bang forming a central gas cloud. A variety of structure giving bangs followed on this. See it at quasars, active galaxies, supernovae etc.

I further looked for a corresponding solution and found it about the following steps in 1986: Oscillator solution of the general relativity theory, protocosm hypothesis, Heisenberg-protocosm, quantization hypothesis.

In the result of these solutions a new theory of the universe followed: The “Ideal Oscillator Theory” IOT.

The universe is combined of a hierarchy of not stationary black white holes. Combined that means to be a vessel system. I called it a hierarchy of packings. The cosmos is the primary packing. Innumerable further cosmic matter packages are inside of it. I mentioned the unstable matter packages: protocosms. The stable packages are stable particles, described by me as cosmoses. Inside of protocosms the packing hierarchy goes on. These sub matter packages come free from the protocosms after and after. The first package releases the Big Bang, the further packages following it forming the galaxies, the galaxy heaps and galaxy super heaps. Through this a spherical making portions, a quantization, is given. This quantization is universally applicable on all protocosms and cosmoses now. Through this the inner structures are described.

By unpacking the first protocosms the objects are released in the universe. The radiation gravitationally is shifted into the extreme red. So objects have never escaped themselves but they were transported by the protocosms to the place of unpacking. The flight of the protocosms stops, however, at the place of unpacking.

Packing is said according to the protocosm hypothesis: The inner mass of a protocosm (also of a stable cosmos) is indirectly proportional to the outer mass. A greater protocosm then has more inner mass than a smaller protocosm. On the outside but it has less mass than the smaller one. Therefore the inner matter is zipped. It is transported with almost light velocity to the place of unpacking. The inner matter comes free there. After the momentum conservation law the speed goes against zero now.

The inner mass corresponds divergently to the mass of a theoretical black hole. The radiation is shifted against extremely red at that moment of the opening of a protocosm. It follows: Not escaping galaxies are shifted in the extreme red at the moment of the protocosm opening but it is shifted gravitationally.

So one layer after the other arises from matter until the universe is made. The radiation which was gone returns and packs matter from the amplitude of the universe back to the proximity of the center where the primary protocosm arises, which has zipped the matter now and which mass has an extremely low value at the outside. So there is no compressed mass, no singularity!

At the opening the universe starts once more with the Big Bang in the center and the subsequent bangs for objects and structures in another half period of its oscillation.

The universe oscillates! It is derivable that actually everything is oscillating. So quantum theory and relativity theory come onto a common denominator.

Which use does this solution have?

Giving structure is easier to explain. Heterogeneities follow by themselves. The asymmetry is given from the beginning.

Synthetic protocosms can be used as weapons.

Protocosms can be used as time dilation.

The protocosmic quantization explains the structures up to the organic life. Everything is made by protocosms resp. their analogy.

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