ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Our problems with the string theory

It is told, string theory soon would create the world formula. Either these theorists already are knowing my work and they are trying to turn around my copyright by curving next to my work or they want to work with time striving for more money with that nonsense, or they don't understand the problem. Originally strings should be vibrating fathoms (lines), now one has turned them into vibrating areas, into "diaphragms" (cf. "Bild der Wissenschaft" 10/2000, p. 62: Covered dimensions). And now there should be already 10 spatial dimensions additionally the time dimension. Isn't it fantastic?

I think there are well over-qualified theorists working enjoying themselves with mathematics without consideration of the real world. Such species already lived in Middle Ages working at proofs for geocentric philosophy with epicycle theory. They all have special genes and an average IQ of 300.

What for do you need 11 dimensions, being a normal man for understanding the world if you only need to understand sex? Perhaps there are 11 new positions? Or new techniques? With which membrane area do you do it anyway? With vibrating cardboard?


Let's see if your normal understanding is enough.

  1. How does the gravitation of particles act? Answer: all over the same force and action.
  2. We assume that an oscillation or vibration would produce this kind of force.
  3. Which shape the vibration should have acting like described above as gravitation, should it be a vibrating area or a sphere vibrating at the complete surface?

If you gave here the answer: that might be an area, you have nearly reached it. But if you should have favored the spherical surface, then you are inside of the area. Further information I give with my mathematical proof to exchange force of gravitation and of electrostatic force coming from oscillating particles being almost spherical.

For thinkers who are informed best:

With vibrating strings always Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961) was successful. He could find a solution for electron orbital till now misunderstood. This is the so-called wave function. In present physics, particles are equal to waves and reversed. It doesn't wonder when theorists try to explain the world with means of Schrödinger. However, this will stay without success. Schrödinger had calculated right, but he had distorted the philosophy by exchanging of vectors unintentionally. But his model is made for waves. Resulting from my theory, particles aren't equal to waves like generally known, but they are spatial waves, rather space-waves falling back into themselves - therefore they are pulsating spheres or balls. Because of the pulsating surface, they are emitting primary waves into all directions of the spatial environment and they are receiving such waves coming from all the other particles back to them!

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