ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
How was organic life developed from inorganic matter?

Today one thinks at accident or chance to be the filler of the gap for something unknown. A primeval soup of substances appearing overall in universe is the start of life. There enough energy comes in, and Frankenstein is working. Accidentally then living structures would arise. Purely theoretically this is right. The proof of single substances is o.k. this way, too. But the appearing quantity is too less to survive the following entropy. The entropy is the work of destruction made by world's processes. Entropy means - increase of chaos or of confusion.

Something had to be there, too, what caused the increase of the chances and of the quantity of just formed living beings. My theory has found that system: these are the protocosms. If it was possible to produce a synthetic protocosm by use of an extremely strong superconductor, then we could create living phenomena. The first still open protocosms are already made by Podletnikov and other experimental researchers by superconductors without knowing what they have done what process has gone there.

When we would put substances like from primeval soup into such a protocosm and let it be open then by decrease of energy, then it ejects a lot of new life-forms into our world! My theory says, ball-lightnings are electromagnetic protocosms. Therefore at that time only ball-lightnings were missing for primeval soup or for primeval matter. But there weren't only electromagnetic protocosms. In the beginning of the origin of the earth, its proto-body was completely quantized, therefore filled of gravitomagnetic and electromagnetic bodies being able to create a special kind of life from each feature of substances offered there, which was based on inorganic matter. Today we see the examples with bacteria living of inorganic. This way, the soup itself and alone is nothing. Only the quantized energy of protocosms gives the structure into the work of life. Without structure nothing is living! The protocosms are the multiple fingers of the hands of God. They are creating after program what is allowed to be. The accident has no creative task. Therefore the mass of the earth, like water or sludge was formed by God after his program.

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