ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Gamma-ray-bursts (GRB) - a slogan.

Presently you're looking for to the cause of the gamma radiation flashes, the GRB. Recently the connection was found between the super-nova SN and the GRB apparently. Now there is no simple explanation, how well the shower of gamma rays within of the SN come from. First of all a classical perception of the physics gives the information - so the theory of the shock waves of the SN matter. / nature, October 15th of 1998: pages 670 - 674/

Lately one suspects, the GRB come from the depths of the universe and originate at the union of two neutron stars. / Der Spiegel 14, 1999, page 193/

However is this really possible? The GRB of the past of the universe, which were incomparable richer on energy, already were described as hypernovae. However at the start of the whole system could have stood fewer an end then the start of a star.

My United Field Theory gives a simple explanation of the quanta. Each black hole - worm hole - white hole - connection is defined as protocosm. This is the result of the matter collapse helped by radiation and educated unstable particles, those are decomposing after their half period of their own life into stable particles and into the radiation. However the decay doesn't run homogeneously to a gas-mash. Rather the inside of the protocosm is divided in portions of almost non-observable, that is: dismantles into a hierarchy of portions. Each portion is a sub of the protocosm again, therefore a sub-protocosm etc. At the anticollapse the protocosm sets free each sub and that sub etc. while they are beaming. On this manner the GRB itself formed at the start of the universe as well as also now still in the connection at the super-nova. Then the protocosms educated by SN are opened respectively anticollapsing still into the expanding envelope. Individual protocosms, which are especially energy-rich, reach after the anticollapse widely to the outside of the SN envelope and there to the start of the new solar system, which now catches the substances of the SN envelope. So at the start of the universe thought to zero of the center it has given extreme energies because of the annihilation of particles and antiparticles from protocosms. Now in our immediate area these happenings are fewer energy-rich and intercepted of the dust multiply. The higher the energies in past the bigger the clouds of remaining elements which are beaming rest energy after annihilation processes.

My complete system shows a logic, how it was never known before. It explains the pre-concentrations of the matter, so that you can get away from the initial homogeneity.

So there was neither an original big bang of the hitherto existing construction nor an inflation seen like today, nor a singularity of the hitherto existing problem-position. Problems like homogeneity in the center of universe and the apparent inflation are explained automatically by my theory and its protocosm flights.

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