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Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

Neutrinos and their mass

In the meantime a vast amount of writing physicists have written their theories. There they explain the well-known point of view of the quantum theory once again. Virtual particles and antiparticles permanently would therefore be produced and destroyed in the vacuum. The proof would be the Casimir effect. At this both a metal plate and a metal sphere are pressed together in the separation of 10-5 m with a low strength. This distance is the threshold where the force starts acting. It only is important! The increasing force at smaller distances isn't relevant. Here is the link to the information:


Scientists mean, the distance between the walls has got too small for interaction of the virtual vacuum particles forming and annihilating there. However, these virtual particle pairs would interact then at the outer walls of the metal plates and push there. I used to think this rubbish would dissolve into air sometimes. Because of the multiple announcements and the doubtful proofs I had to think about them. After only two days I have found the following solutions from my theory:

But - the distance between the walls is a measurement of the wave amplitude! So the particle wave itself has to be considered especially its radius! There is a threshold! When there is such a threshold you cannot say that all the vacuum particles would interact at Casimir's effect. You only allow one type of particles causing this effect! Let us see, if science has investigated correctly.

This means that the well-known particles of the "vacuum" wouldn't be observed because their own radius was extremely smaller than 10-5 m, for example: electron radius smaller than 10-15 m (cf. "vacuum polarization" of electrons at 10-13 m), proton radius smaller than 10-15 m (=1 fm). Consequently, a new type of particles with an unknown amplitude of about 10-5 m has to be discovered!

From the start my theory predicts a new neutrino type -- the proton neutrino. Proton neutrinos have such a low rest mass, so that they are formed to pairs at already 248.5 Kelvin, at about 248 degrees above absolutely zero. These are minus 25 degrees centigrade! This energy corresponds to an interaction at half the amplitude R/2 = 0.9 x 10-5 m. Below of 248 Kelvin (below minus 25 degrees centigrade) particle pairs, formed of particles and antiparticles, meet themselves and annihilate to photons of the same energy.

When I had found this, I was in the doubt very much. The reason is: then, at our temperatures, we would live in a proton neutrino cloud. It permanently would take energy away at its surface. Such a clowd could to be explained as a part of dark matter.

Only far of the outside of the earth's atmosphere where the corresponding cold is predominant, proton neutrinos would annihilate. If there was something like that, somebody should already have noticed this anyway, I thought.

The distance between both walls of Casimir's experiment is equal to half the amplitude R/2. The amplitude R = 1.8 x 10-5 m is valid for the real proton neutrino below of 124.25 K. At pair formation temperatures (at the double temperature to 248.5 K) the distance is Dr = 0.9 x 10-5 m. Down to 10-6 m and deeper, one already should mark the momenta of these particles. At 10-5 m one should have seen, that a thick world full of energy is around us, which is formed from real particles and antiparticles, those are permanently annihilating themselves and permanently forming newly. I thought no-one would know this.

Actually, quantum mechanics know unclearly what is real. Without knowledge of my united field theory, they spent their spirit working out fantastic buildings without reality like "virtual particles, vacuum-fluctuations, vacuum polarizing, particle equal to waves etc.". You can forget this now! These aren't vacuum particles or virtual particles. Equalness between neutrinos and antineutrinos does not exist. These are real particle pairs in permanent interaction between formation and annihilation! These are proton neutrino interactions!


My theory is already a complete solution. All the particles are explained to be cosms. In opposition to quantum mechanics the radiation of light or of gravitation are no cosmoses, but they are wave quanta. Therefore light waves have no standing mass, no rest-mass. So all these cosmoses, but neutrinos also, must have a rest mass naturally.

United Field Theory predicts furthermore:

Stable neutrinos have a mass which is correctly calculated. Its oscillation actually is a destabilization respectively a decay. Concretely:

Electron neutrinos and proton neutrinos are stable neutrinos of the mass of 20 eV/c² and referred 0.01 eV/c² at the horizon of oscillation. Today this proton neutrino is unknown. Its existence is predicted by my theory. The muon neutrinos and tauon neutrinos would be unstable. "Neutrino Oscillation" is going this way being no oscillation but being a further canal of decays of unstable neutrinos to stable neutrinos:

One muon neutrino is decaying into an electron neutrino plus a pair of proton neutrinos:

Such a decay, so fastly running, couldn't be observed already! But observed are changes of neutrino types.

One electron neutrino plus energy of an interaction gives a muon neutrino (higher energies give a tauon neutrino, which is decaying into a muon neutrino plus a pair of electron neutrinos).

Inside the electron neutrino, protocosm pairs are formed by energy support (protocosm symbol PK came from German concept). Pairs consist of matter and antimatter. This is the cause for instability of muon neutrinos. Energy parity changes then into proton neutrino pairs. Another line of decay could be immediately the radiation which would form proton neutrinos if there the environment temperature is high enough.

Proton neutrino pairs easily annihilate because of their big magnetic attraction, electron neutrino-pairs do so.


It is interesting, that one presently means, the mass of muon neutrinos with about 25 eV/c² only would be different about 0.05 eV/c² above the mass of electron neutrinos. This is an interpretation problem of measurements!

I think, in reality the mass of muon neutrinos seems to be much bigger than 25 eV/c², well more than 500 keV/c² (this is an older opinion from literature). It is giving the energy of more than 0.02 eV/c² for pair forming the masses of the pairs of proton neutrinos. The kinetic energy and the rest energy of the muon neutrinos will be changed into the kinetic energy and the rest energy of the electron neutrinos and of the proton neutrino pairs. Because of the small rest energy of the proton neutrinos, that particles are near the photons. Proton neutrinos can carry away a gigantic wave energy.

Each heaven body is filled with the aura of proton neutrinos, of which pair forming temperature is near 248 K. Here we have the analogy to a cloud of photons. But not totally. Proton neutrino pairs are symmetrically given. So they are annihilating themselves simply and quickly into photons. They take place a famous part in the work of transmission of energy by photons in an interaction with these. In the end you see: Casimir's effect does not prove Heisenberg's uncertainty interpretation and present quantum physics opinions, but it proves real existence of a further type of stable neutrino particles which form the parity finish of neutrino decays.

Test it and fly with your space ship into the cosm and make there the measurements of Casimir's effect far away from your space ship where are permanently less than 248.5 K, and you will find less forces at the experiment walls than on the earth! Using effect shielding, the experiment may be possible on earth in cold laboratories.

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