General Terms and Conditions

1 Object of the contract

I myself, Heinz-Joachim Ackermann, take the carrying out in accordance with the following determinations and in the order of my own. The offer of one of my two books files as well as of essential scientific articles is purchased by a single use license per file ["The book ARCUS I" (Unified Field Theory) or / and "The book ARCUS II" (popular explanation of the philosophy of this theory)]. A contract relationship which is subject to my license determinations and my responsibility area takes place between me and the user of the file. As license basis, my own copyright as freelance writer is valid until June of the year 2068.

2 Validity

Following business conditions are valid for all carrying outs, contracts, deliveries and other performances provided that they aren't amended by me, Heinz-Joachim Ackermann, Siedlung Koenigshufen 49, D-02828 Goerlitz, Germany, particularly. Conditions standing contrary are only valid, if they are confirmed by me in writing.

3 Offer

Offers are always without engagement. Details which are based on my mistake aren't obliging. Verbal agreements are valid only then, if they are confirmed by me in writing.

4 Free wiring to the Download

The free wiring will be carried out as soon as possible.

5 Use/guarantee

I don't give any guarantee on the respective download file. In addition, it provides no satisfaction guarantee or similar guarantee like that, since on the web side a lot of information help to inform about the contents situation substantially before the acquisition of the original files. 

In no way, I am not liable for whole or partial files which aren't able to work or which aren't able to work from damages or resultant damages (e.g. data loss) by software without functions.

6 Completion of the contract

These conditions are valid -- however -- when assumed with downloading the file.

7 Revocation law

Since download files are not suitable on reason of the composition to be returned, a return isn't possible.

8 Salvatoric clause

If determinations of this license agreement completely or partly are or get ineffective, then this doesn't touch the effectiveness of the other determinations so in the case. The ineffective determination has to be substituted by such a one, which if possible gets rather close to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective determination.